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Better battery technology can extend electric vehicle range and speed up charging

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At this week's IDTechEx conference, startups demonstrated new battery technology that improves today's lithium-ion battery designs. These advances will increase the mileage of electric vehicles, reduce costs, extend service life, speed up charging, and reduce the risk of fire.

Currently, these improvements are mainly made in the laboratory, and many of them will not be realized until the next decade. But they are an important foundation for electric vehicle supporters' dreams. They want to see traditional cars that emit greenhouse gases completely replaced by cleaner and quieter electric vehicles. They also want to see electric trucks, tractors, excavators, public cars, etc. Cars and even planes appeared.

The most important improvement of batteries is the energy density, which is the amount of kilowatt-hours that can be stored for a given mass. This can increase cruising range, reduce battery costs, and reduce vehicle weight, thereby increasing cruising range. Startups are racing to achieve this by changing anodes, cathodes and other components.

Enevate is a Colorado-based startup whose investors include battery giant LG Chem, which expects its products to have larger storage capacities and faster charging speeds. The company believes that its product's half-charging charging time is reduced to only 5 minutes, while the fully charged charging time is reduced to 15 minutes, allowing traditional gas stations to be converted into "gas stations."

The Global Graphene Group also plans to improve batteries by wrapping silicon in graphene in the anode, which will reduce battery costs by 30% and power 700 miles of electric vehicles. These batteries can be fully charged in 5 to 15 minutes .

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