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Shame of Jingkang, Northern Song queen's unbearable insult, heroic slaughter won respect from opponents

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No matter how brilliant the civilization of the Great Song Dynasty was and how deep the walls of Jingjing were, the shame of Jingkang really happened. Maybe, Zhang Zuanduan ’s

According to statistics: In the difficult situation of Jingkang, more than 5,000 people in the Northern Song Dynasty were all captured by the Jin Army, and officials and family members, civilian women, and girls of more than 9,000 were also captured captive.

Note that these are just the number of prisoners of war escorted by Jin Junbei's return to the north, not including those innocent lives that had been killed or tortured to death before.

Due to too many prisoners of war being escorted, and the momentum was too great, Jin Jun could not be escorted away at one time, but was divided into 7 batches (to prevent Song Jun from intercepting). Not to mention the distant and rugged journey, even the food and clothing are difficult to guarantee, coupled with the arrogant insults of the soldiers along the way, many people died on the way, and they could reach Jinshangjing safely. To half of them.

To say that among these captives, the best treatment is estimated to be Song Huizong and Song Qinzong and their queens of the palace. These two queens are also the only women who have not been defiled until the end.

The Empress of Song Huizong (Mrs. Zheng) was 49 years old at the time, while the Empress of Song Qinzong (Queen Zhu) was only 26 years old at that time.

If it wasn't for her special status, it is estimated that she would have fallen into Jinbing's mouth. Even so, she will inevitably be harassed and teased by Jin Bingjin.

However, the fate of the princesses and below, such as Kang Zhao and Go Go, were very different. Even the history books did not know how to write, and chose to take it.

She first hanged herself, but was unfortunately found and rescued. She also drowned herself while she was not paying attention. When she was found, she was drowned.

Faced with the resistance of Queen Zhu, the Jin people, who were more terrible than the demons in the eyes of the Song people, did not retaliate, but instead gave them due respect. Emperor Taizong personally awarded the title of "Queen Lady of Jingkang County" to the Empress Zhu and gave her a commendation and a thick funeral.

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