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CCB and Multipoint Dmall Launch Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation

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Beijing Commercial Daily (Yan Yan Zhao Chi) November 18, China Construction Bank 601939) and multi-point Dmall jointly announced the official launch of comprehensive strategic cooperation in Beijing. It is reported that the cooperation between the two parties will be carried out in six aspects, including smart cashier terminals, face payment, joint membership, digital accounts, financial product output, and big data.

Wuwen Group founder and multi-point Dmall chairman Zhang Wenzhong said that the cooperation between the two parties is a cross-border docking of new finance and digital retail, and a innovation for jointly building the future of the digital economy. To build a multi-point dragon member joint membership including fusion shopping and finance for users, brand owners are also welcome to join this cooperation. The cooperation between CCB and many points can better assist retail enterprises and provide them with in-depth services such as supply chain finance.

With the popularity of mobile payments, the connection between banks and consumers is becoming closer and more flexible. It is understood that a self-service cash register terminal, one of the landing projects co-operated by both parties, will be rolled out across the country. In terms of payment experience, consumers can realize face-to-face payment and self-checkout, while being convenient and intelligent, they can also enjoy bank-level security protection.

Behind the scene connectivity is the mutual communication between members of both sides. With the support of big data technology, CCB and Multipoint Dmall will also create Multipoint Dragon members and launch personalized products for Multipoint Dragon members: "multipoint change card" account products and "Qianlong Tongbao" fund products, Provide users with more convenient payment, financial management, loans and other consumer financial services.

Among them, the “multi-point change card” account product meets the user's account upgrade requirements for online and offline consumption payment scenarios. In terms of account opening convenience, users can complete the entire process of identity authentication, account opening, recharge inquiry, and investment and wealth management online; in terms of account security, they have inherited the security guarantee and basic service features of CCB's payment system.

The “Qianlong Tongbao” fund product operates online in its entirety. It has zero-fee subscription, starting at 1 yuan, and saving and picking up at the same time. It can also be used directly in various payment scenarios. It is easy to operate and meets the wealth management investment of members Demand combined with consumer payments.

It is reported that in the multi-point APP, CCB APP, and Long Payment APP, the special areas of multi-point dragon members have been launched to provide fresh high-quality consumer goods and other services. After the comprehensive strategic cooperation with CCB, Multi-point Dmall will further consolidate multi-party forces such as financial payment, supermarkets, and brands, and leverage the advantages of the platform to match the personalized needs of members, while helping supermarkets and brands find their own real consumer .

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