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Ministry of Education's Project Activities Enters Shenzhen to Promote the Integration and Development of Informatization Teaching

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Chinanews.com, November 20th. On November 19th, the relevant research group of the Ministry of Education and the domestic K12 online education enterprise work group held the "Typical Case Study Project of Deep Integration of Information Technology and Education and Teaching" at the Experimental School of the Shenzhen Academy of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. . It is understood that the research team has previously held seminars in Shenyang, Liaoning, Yinzhou, Zhejiang, Guiyang, Guizhou, Weifang, Shandong, Harbin, Heilongjiang, and Xi'an, Shaanxi.

The team invited several outstanding teachers from Huajiadi Experimental Primary School in Chaoyang District, Beijing, Yuying School in Haidian District, Beijing, Shenzhen Academy of Advanced Technology Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Xiangshanli Primary School in Shenzhen to demonstrate how to innovate. Use information technology for classroom teaching.

In the course of expert review, Shi Yiqi, Minister of Education Technology and Innovation, Nanshan Educational Science Research Institute, said that we must further consider the four issues of using technology to break through traditional classrooms— "Only textbooks, only classrooms, teachers, and knowledge. "Information means should be used to expand the content beyond the teaching materials, integrate more information before and after class, and play a role in supporting students' independent learning and supporting comprehensive evaluation of students.

At present, big data and artificial intelligence are important means to promote education informatization, and are also hot topics of general concern in society. As a co-organizer of the project activity, Gao Shuo, director of the Department of Government Relations of the Help Group pointed out in a subsequent speech that scientific and technological means are a useful supplement to education and teaching. Educational and technological enterprises should actively make good use of various teaching big data on a large scale To achieve personalization and promote the all-round development of education informatization.

Gao Shuo further stated that the homework help has more than 2 million registered users in Shenzhen, and primary, junior and high school students in Shenzhen are more likely to search for math, physics, and English topics. The job search, analysis, and practice system functions will provide detailed analysis steps and knowledge points to help students answer questions and doubts. They will also push similar types of questions for repeated practice. Through the above services, the knowledge points of most users The problems can be solved well.

At present, the homework helper has built the largest intelligent question bank (180 million) in the field of K12 online education. For individual students, the online education platform can help them to efficiently and accurately supplement.

At the level of assisting teachers to reduce the burden, the application of artificial intelligence technology has also become increasingly in-depth. Taking the homework help as an example, the platform can provide teachers with oral calculation and question bank tools. In the daily teaching, learning, testing, practice, and evaluation, using artificial intelligence technology can help teachers complete tasks such as homework correction, approximate academic ability. Student grouping, basic practice guidance and other tasks will free the teacher from a lot of repetitive labor, so that the teacher has more time and energy to improve teaching and provide targeted learning guidance for each student. It also provides education managers with big data support.

In the "Outline of the National Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020)", it is clearly stated that "Information technology has a revolutionary impact on the development of education and must be attached great importance." The core of informatization of primary and secondary education lies in the informatization of classroom teaching. The change from teaching-centered to learning-centered meets the diversified and personalized needs of learners.

The person in charge of the project stated that the typical case study of the in-depth integration of information technology and education and teaching is a continuing task of the education sector. The aim is to promote the teaching practice of teachers through this measure, at the same time to strengthen the integration of education and teaching and information technology, to cultivate more high-quality technical teachers, and to create a good education environment for the growth of young people in the new era.

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