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Getting Started with PS Application-Third Phase of Slash Youth Support Plan

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And news writing, resume modification and interview skills, PS introduction, PPT production and display, oral expression and communication, workplace etiquette, news photography and video production, etc.

Participate in the "Slash Youth Support Plan" for many times, you can get exquisite gifts in total, and participants who perform well in each training, and mysterious prizes.

The "Slash Youth Support Program" is for all students at Tsinghua University. No matter which faculty you are studying at, from undergraduate or graduate level, as long as you are eager to expand your skills, you can click the "Read the Original" button below each advance notice or fill out a questionnaire to register for the event. In order to facilitate the notification of each event, you can scan the QR code at the event site after registration and join the WeChat notification group of “Slash Youth Support Program”. If there are any adjustments or notices of the event, we will post the notice in the group as soon as possible.

Whether it's graphic design, image creation, or academic thesis matching—Photoshop has become one of the most popular image processing software in history with its powerful features. In order to further expand the work skills of the students, we were fortunate to have Chen Si from the Academy of Fine Arts to give a "Getting Started with PS" training lecture. With Jing Xiaoyan, open the door to a new world!

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