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Dream Big Series Phase Three: The Promotion of "Slash Youth" Bao Jianghao

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In 2017, after graduating from the University of Melbourne in International Business, the school recruited to join the Huatai Securities Online Finance Department and is currently the head of the product configuration service team of the Online Finance Department.

As one of the overseas students of finance majors, after graduation, I always look forward to finding an international financial institution based on the homeland of the motherland and facing the global development to start my career.

The rapid development of Huatai in the past decade has fully proved the company's strength in the industry. After entering Huatai, I can always feel the youthful vitality and passion of the entire company, encourage innovation and change, and support us to continuously project fresh thinking and ideas into reality. Such a platform is extremely great for every young man with a dream Great opportunity.

Wealth management and Fintech have been two hot topics in the industry these years, and Huatai Securities' Internet Finance Department is a department that deeply combines these two hot spots.

Huatai has been known as the most internet gene broker, and has accumulated a large number of competitive advantages through a leading Internet strategy in the field of wealth management. If you want to join the top team in the industry, Huatai Securities Network Finance Department Undoubtedly one of the best options.

After entering the company, I felt that the online finance department is still continuously self-renovating. It's exciting to think about the possibility of joining such a department to have the opportunity to lead the industry or even disrupt the industry.

One of the things that has impressed me most since I joined the company is that at the beginning of this year, the team leader in the department started to recruit, giving young people the greatest opportunity to compete for jobs in the company.

The department welcomes all colleagues who meet the requirements to fight for your favorite position, and to open for employment through public speaking and voting. I am very fortunate and grateful to the leaders and colleagues for their recognition. As a post-90s generation, I successfully bid for the position of product configuration service team leader. At the same time, this opportunity also made me deeply appreciate the open and active business mechanism inside the company, which gave every young colleague a brave space to "break through."

In such a company, while actively learning from outstanding predecessors and teachers, you must also maintain a "restless" heart, believing that the status quo can always be changed by new methods, and not be restricted by the past path .

In Huatai, there are dreams, passions and partners. There is a group of like-minded partners fighting side by side, and there is no luck in life. Back to Sohu, see more

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