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Correct use of question marks, colons, and quotation marks for punctuation

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In the teacher recruitment examination, although some regions have different requirements for candidates' writing ability, it is undoubted that in the examination room composition, argumentative essay is one of the genres that are relatively easy to grasp. We should understand that the composition of the examination room is different from the daily practice of ordinary writing, and also different from the writer's writing. Examination room composition is a style that is created in accordance with certain requirements within a specified time, and candidates need to properly demonstrate their language skills in the composition. Therefore, the argumentative style has become a more appropriate style in the teacher recruitment examination. Then, the use of materials for argumentation papers has become a top priority, and many candidates recognize the importance of materials. In response to the problem of lack of material, here are a few tips summarized below.

With regard to the use of arguments, students should master the skills of using the argument of "responding to infinity with finiteness", and learn to use one or several classic materials to "take-all" all the arguments of the argument.

In fact, as long as we are a little rounded, the same material can be properly applied to compositions on different topics and different perspectives. This is because classic materials, whether they are historical and cultural celebrities, or classic ideas, or visualized classic images or classic scenes, have strong universality. In particular, historical and cultural celebrities have rich connotations in their lives. From their personalities and lives, they can extract rich ideas and be able to target almost all examination room compositions.

The king of the king performed "Zhou Yi", and Zhong Nier wrote "Spring and Autumn"; Qu Yuan was exiled, but was given "Lisao"; Zuo Qiu was blind, and he had "Mandarin"; Lu Lan

This is a well-known passage in "The Book of Ren'an". Sima Qian used this example to explain his reason for "running the book"; if you think this example can only be used in this regard, it shows that your thinking is not broad and I do not know how to change. The typical examples provided in this paragraph are available on many topics. You will immediately discover that this classic material provided by Sima Qian can really “take-all” composition in the examination room!

Who can have a smooth life without twists and turns? "Wang Wang restrained and played" Zhou Yi ", Zhong Nier was written as" Spring and Autumn "; Qu Yuan was exiled, but was given" Lisao ". It is these catastrophic twists and turns that constitute Zhou Wen Wang, Confucius, and Qu Yuan's major turning points in their lives have become important aids for their great lives. If there are no huge twists and turns in life, there will be no major twists in life. Without such a turn, King Zhou Wen may be just an ordinary prince instead of a great philosopher; without such a turn, Confucius may be just an active politician instead of a great cultural giant; without such a turn, Qu Yuan would be possible It's just an ordinary draftsman, not a great poetry master. All those who are in a dilemma will usher in a turning point in life more quickly, which can make their life take a leap in a faster way.

There are many ramifications in life and there are many possible options. At a critical juncture in life, where to go, we often need to make one choice. Between Confucius and officials, Qu Yuan, between self-worth and follow-up, made the right choice with his great soul.

The answers to life are colorful. Confucius had no official career path, and turned to "Spring and Autumn" to organize ancient cultural classics, benefiting later generations, and becoming a sage of Chinese culture. Qu Yuan's ideal was difficult to achieve. Instead, he turned to Lisao. Instead of becoming a successful politician, he became the first famous poet in the history of Chinese literature. There is no fixed script in life. The fun of life is that it has no fixed answer. The meaning of life is that we have the possibility to choose.

On the contrary, the detention of King Wen may reduce the drag on wealth and wealth; the fall of Confucius may thus reduce the restraint of Lilu; Qu Yuan ’s exile may therefore reduce the burden of fame.

"Loss weight" is to reduce the burden; to reduce the burden is to spread wings. The swallow-winged Swift is thin. All people flying in the spiritual sky are also thin. Superb thoughts and elegant emotions cannot grow out of fatty material enjoyment. If Kong Meng, Lao Zhuang, Li Du, Kant or Einstein also gained weight because of pampering, the world would be ill.

The vector of time is irreversible, and life will inevitably have "sometimes." It is today that creates life; the key to whether it is valuable today is what to leave for tomorrow. King Wen was detained. He left tomorrow with "Zhouyi"; Confucius was in trouble, he left tomorrow with "Spring and Autumn"; Qu Yuan was exiled; he left tomorrow with "Lisao". The saints are human, too, and they are going to die after all; however, they have left a huge spiritual wealth for tomorrow, thus making themselves immortal.

Indeed, tomorrow has not yet arrived, but tomorrow will eventually come. How tomorrow will arrive depends on what we have left for tomorrow. Today leaves a wonderful seed for tomorrow, and tomorrow will not reap incompleteness and regret.

From the application of this case, we can get inspiration: there are not many arguments, the key is to see if you can use it. If you use it, one material can “take all” of the examination room composition; it will not be used, even if you hold a copy of “Argument Collection” to the examination room, you will feel that the argument is not enough. Therefore, we should learn to diverge thinking, summarize and think more, and record some typical cases. On the basis of accumulating materials, think more about which themes can be used for composition. Only by accumulating diligence and thinking more can we break through the use of composition materials in the examination room.

The above is the detailed information about the question mark, punctuation mark, and quotation marks used correctly. For more information about Shaanxi Teacher Recruitment Examination, click here. For more information, please pay attention to Shaanxi Teacher Examination Network / Shaanxi Special Post Teacher Examination Network.

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