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A 75-year-old "tide" old lady in Guizhou can play WeChat, Douyin and go out to meet netizens

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Yesterday (3.10), around 10 am, the Longkeng Police Station in Bozhou District, Zunyi City received an alarm saying that an old man was lost in the Poly District of Longkeng Subdistrict Office, Bozhou District, Zunyi City. After receiving the alarm, the police on duty at Longkeng Station immediately Rushed to the scene.

Through simple communication, the police learned that the old man was 75 years old this year. This time he was going out to meet with netizens on WeChat, but he lost his way. When he was asked by the police, the old man could not tell his home address.

The policeman on duty took the old man back to the police station. After the old man's mood was stable, the policeman patiently asked again. The old man said that she had met a netizen online. This netizen was younger than her and bought her shoes and other things for her. . "

From the fragmented description of the elderly, the police learned that the purpose of the old man's going out this time was to meet netizens. Because he was worried that the old man would be deceived, the police wanted to take the old man's mobile phone and look at the chat records of the two parties. The old man has not been cheated of money so far. So the police had to use the power of the Internet to help the elderly find their families.

After more than an hour of hard work, the police finally contacted the old man's son. At this time, the other party was looking for the old man anxiously. Twenty minutes later, the old man's son rushed to the police station and saw the old mother safe and sound. Enthusiastically serve the masses.

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