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Guangzhou International Light Festival opens tomorrow

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"The sense of science and technology is restrained. Cancel the Guangzhou Tower's laser-scattering light show, and replace it with soft, quiet, and beautiful immersive light and shadow works." The 9th Guangzhou International Lighting Festival will open on November 18, author 11 At the "camping" on the evening of the 16th, Liang Zhi, the person in charge of the organizer Guangzhou Ruifeng Culture Communication Co., Ltd. said.

Different from the past, there is no drone show or Guangzhou Tower light show at this festival. The "1 + 9" city-wide mode was adopted for the first time, and the main venues of Haixinsha + Huacheng Plaza were set up, as well as 9 sub-venues such as Yuexiu, Liwan, Baiyun, Huangpu, Huadu, Panyu, Nansha, Conghua and Zengcheng. The above 10 exhibition venues will be displayed from November 18th to 27th, for a total of 10 days, with lights from 18:00 to 22:00.

The author understands that at present the scheduled visits on the opening day of the main venue are full, and the public is advised to choose a reasonable visit time or go to a branch venue that does not require an appointment. Except for the main venue of Huacheng Plaza and the Huadu branch venue, reservations are not required for the other 8 branch venues.

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