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Why can't I play Dragon Fantasy on my mobile phone? I understand after reading this

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On the Zhongguancun Online Day, it has been more than half a year since the release to the official launch of "Dragon Fantasy". According to official data, the total number of players who have reserved "Dragon Fantasy" before the service has exceeded 12 million. Come to one of the most anticipated mobile games.

However, many people have encountered the problem of being unable to log in to the game. When you start the game, a black box pops up and tells you: "Dragon Fantasy is committed to providing higher art quality, so it has minimum requirements for the model."

Regarding this issue, the official response is that "Dragon Fantasy" has always required self-quality as the standard, but due to UE4 engine adaptation and memory requirements, some model users cannot enter the game without deleting files. We really I'm sorry, I've been working hard, but I still can't be perfect. "

For some users who do not support the models, the official solution is to recommend using a mobile game simulator and a higher configuration mobile device to experience the game. In order to adapt to more models, the R & D and operation team of "Dragon Fantasy" will continue to optimize in the later stages, reducing the configuration requirements to adapt to more models. Back to Sohu, see more

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