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Morning Post: iPhone will use 5G Redmi 4K TV next year or sell for 1,000 yuan

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Fengfeng Group announced that it has recently learned that the company's actual controller, Feng Xin, was taken compulsory measures by the public security organs for suspected crimes, and related matters have yet to be further investigated by the public security organs. The announcement states that, as of now, the company's operating conditions are normal. The management of the company will strengthen management to ensure the stability of the company and the normal operation of the business. At the same time, the company will formulate corresponding work management measures and emergency plans to maximize the smooth operation of the company's various business activities.

The announcement said that the company will continue to pay attention to the progress of the above events and timely fulfill its information disclosure obligations. According to Tianyan Risk, before that, Fengfeng Group was listed as the executed person 80 times, and the courts of Shanghai, Beijing and other places were listed as the dishonest execution person (commonly known as "Lao Lai") 6 times, and the equity was frozen once.

JD.com announced that it has signed a formal agreement with JD.com to invest in D.C., and JD.com will become a shareholder of D.C. with a 9% stake. The transaction will be paid in cash.

While signing the investment agreement, the two parties reached a preliminary strategic cooperation intention, and will carry out comprehensive cooperation in the fields of finance, logistics, second-hand mobile phones, insurance, and cloud services.

According to foreign media reports, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G version has previously passed the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification, and its schematic diagram was leaked recently.

This model is the 5G version of the Note 10 Plus. Its appearance looks the same as previous rumors. The front camera is punched in the screen, and the left and right borders are very narrow.

According to the existing information, in the core configuration, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ may use a 6.8-inch QHD + display, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus flagship platform (some versions equipped with Exynos 9825), 12 million variable aperture lens + 12 million Telephoto + 16 million super wide-angle + TOF lens, battery capacity is 4300mAh.

In response to questions from netizens about when to apply for a 5G card, China Unicom's official Weiwei said: "At present, 5G services are not open to public customers. Users can apply to join China Unicom's 5G Pioneer Experience Program. China Unicom's G mobile phone purchase appointment For old users who do not change their cards or their numbers, insert 5G mobile phones into Unicom cards, and they can experience 5G services first in the 5G coverage area. 5G related business policies are under study. "

It is understood that China Unicom has now opened a 5G online registration area, and consumers can participate in the "China Unicom 5G Pioneer Experience Program" by signing up. If the registration is successful, China Unicom will provide a 5G pioneering rights package worth about 12,000 yuan, including unlimited 5G traffic at unlimited speeds, and the first batch of 6 5G mobile phones. However, the chance of successful participation is not great. The page shows that the current registration awareness is close to 30 million.

According to Nokiapoweruser, resellers have updated the official list for Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2 and claim to be available within 13-14 business days. There have also been rumors recently that Nokia will host a major event in August.

It is understood that the front of the Nokia 7.2 uses a water drop screen design. On the back of the phone, there is an "Oreo" exterior camera group consisting of three cameras and a flash. According to previous reports, the three cameras are a combination of super wide-angle + main camera + depth of field. The main camera uses a 48-megapixel lens, but it is still clear which sensor is used.

The Nokia 6.2 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, with a maximum memory of 6GB and a maximum storage space of 64GB. However, there is not much news about the appearance of Nokia 6.2. Mobilesreview claims that Nokia 6.2 will adopt a design similar to Nokia X71; there are reports that Nokia 6.2 is an upgraded version of Nokia X71; in addition, there are also foreign media reports that Nokia The appearance of 6.2 and Nokia 7.2 are basically the same.

According to foreign media sonyalpharumors, Sony will release two cameras before the end of September. According to reports, of the two Sony products that will be released soon, one may be the main telephoto RX10M5 camera, while the other may be an APS-C format E-mount mirrorless camera.

At present, the RX10M4 Sony is selling for 10799 yuan, equipped with a 1-inch "outsole", Zeiss 24-600mm ultra-telephoto lens. The APS-C format E-mount mirrorless camera ILCE-6500 is priced at 7399 yuan.

NetEase Cloud Music App was re-launched on the Apple App Store. Today, major Android app stores have resumed the listing of NetEase Cloud Music, upgraded to v6.3.0, the "Cloud Village" community has been upgraded, Mlog has officially appeared, and the hot comment wall has been released. , Added the ability to mark my messages as read, etc.

Earlier on June 29, social and audio applications such as NetEase Cloud Music, Himalayan, Litchi, Penguin FM, soul, Squeak were removed from major Android application stores; on July 2, these applications were removed from the Apple App Store.

Tianfeng International analyst Guo Mingxuan released a new forecast report, saying that "all three new 2H20 iPhones will support 5G." Guo Mingyi believes that in order to meet the needs of the US market, Apple's three iPhones in the second half of 2020 will support mmWave & Sub-6GHz networking. Wen Ye (manufacturer) / Broadcom (designer) 2020 iPhone PA shipments 45% to 6-650 million.

Guo Mingxuan pointed out that, for markets that only support Sub-6GHz (such as China), Apple may have an incentive to launch a 5G iPhone that only supports Sub-6GHz, and strive for market share with lower costs and selling prices.

Recently, a TV product code-named L70M5 has passed 3C registration. Although the registrant is shown as Xiaomi, the product name can be seen as a Redmi TV product. It seems that it won't be long before we see this product. 'S release.

Redmi TVs will be manufactured by TPV, which is a very popular AOC brand in the field of affordable displays, so it is not difficult to see that Redmi TVs will also be a cost-effective product, and at least several models launched from Redmi From the perspective of mobile phones, they really do a good job in terms of price.

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