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AO Smith: Creating value through R & D and innovation, solving technological problems in the gas industry

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From November 12th to 13th, the 40th Anniversary Celebration of China Gas Appliance Industry and the Second Enlarged Meeting of the 5th Council of China Hardware Products Association, hosted by the China Metal Products Association, were held in Beijing. Representatives of gas appliance related industry associations, domestic and foreign gas appliances Representatives from industry companies, college inspection institutions, domestic mainstream e-commerce platforms, data release authorities, media and other representatives gathered together for a grand event.

At the ceremony, Ding Wei, senior vice president of AO Smith Group Corporation and president of China Investment Corporation, Qiu Bu, vice president of AO Smith China Investment Corporation and chairman of water system company Qiu Bu, and Song Guangping, general manager of AO Smith Business were also invited. Attended the celebration since then and participated in the 40-year development review of China's gas appliance industry.

In the theme discussion on "The Development of the Gas Appliance Industry in the New Economic Situation" on the 13th, Ding Wei, Senior Vice President of AO Smith Group Corporation and President of China Investment Corporation, was invited to speak on the stage and shared his experience on corporate development:

Technical personnel are the key to the development of the industry. AO Smith has been insisting on creating value through R & D innovation for many years, and constantly encouraged R & D personnel to be bold in technological innovation and dare to challenge industry problems. AO Smith's many patented technologies, such as U.S. patented 5-dimensional safety upgrade carbon monoxide safety protection system, patented single-tube cruise zero cold water technology, patented intelligent mute technology, commercial grade stainless steel heat exchanger technology, energy-saving and gas-saving heating system, etc. It is often built by grinding a sword for decades. It is this persistent attack that gives enterprises a huge advantage in producing products.

AO Smith's core components of gas products, such as heat exchangers, proportional valves, burners, and igniters, have been challenged by R & D personnel through repeated experiments, so that the products can be more durable and reliable.

AO Smith does not hesitate to invest in R & D, always aims at the pain points of users and industry problems, and has created many high-quality products that are competitive in the industry. While advancing the industry to an increasingly better direction, it also makes R & D personnel feel Great sense of accomplishment.

Bathing cold water section has always been one of the industry problems facing traditional gas water heaters. In the past year or two, “zero cold water” gas water heaters have become hot spots in the industry, and most of the zero cold water products on the market cannot solve the cold water section fundamentally by “creating another problem to solve the existing problems”. problem.

After years of intensive research and development, AO Smith finally brought an epoch-making gas product-the patented single-tube cruise zero-cold-water gas water heater, which not only realized the "faucet as soon as the hot water comes on," without the need to pre-lay the return pipe, but also It can be easily installed and used immediately, and with 8 excellent technical advantages such as easy installation, corrosion resistance, strong power, and low noise, it has won the Oscar-Epland Award in the home appliance industry in one fell swoop, defending the TOP1 best-selling list!

In the heating system industry, how to achieve the double comfort experience of "heating + bathing" through innovative technologies has also been one of the difficult problems that the industry cannot overcome.

AO Smith continued to challenge and try, and finally developed a zero-cold-water gas heating / hot water dual-use stove, which continues the excellent hot water gene, allowing users to enjoy the warmth of the hot water on the basis of the comfort and warmth of the whole house. Realize the simultaneous implementation of indoor heating and hot water preheating, and overcome a major problem in the industry with excellent technical strength!

For hundreds of years, AO Smith has always been adhering to "finding a better way through research", and improving the quality of life of consumers through leading technology, quality products, and perfect services.

At this celebration, Ding Wei, senior vice president of AO Smith Group Corporation and president of China Investment Corporation, was awarded the "Outstanding Entrepreneur" award, Qiu Bu, vice president of AO Smith China Investment Corporation and chairman of the general manager of Water Systems, and AO Smith Business General Manager Song Guangping was awarded "Outstanding Contributors in the Industry".

In the future, AO Smith will continue to adhere to the core concept of innovative research and development, bring better gas water heaters and heating systems to Chinese users, and promote the upgrading of the gas appliance industry. Back to Sohu, see more

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