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London, November 15, 2019-Dr. Padraig OMalley, Professor of International Peace, and Professor were named winners of the Global Citizenship Award 2019 by Henley & Partners (Hengli Global Consulting Ltd.). The annual Global Citizenship Awards recognize individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary courage and outstanding contributions in improving and supporting the international community.

For more than 40 years, Professor Omalley has been working to bring together groups that have divided their nations due to confrontation, especially in Northern Ireland, South Africa and Iraq.

As the finale of the 13th Annual Global Citizenship Conference of the investment immigration company, the Global Citizenship Awards Dinner was held in the Grand Ballroom of Rosewood London, attended by government leaders, policy makers, thought leaders and industry experts from around the world.

Dr. Christian H. Kaelin, Chairman of Henley & Partners and Chairman of the Global Citizenship Awards Committee, explained the choice of this year's winners: "As nationalism and isolation rise, the ideal of solidarity and cooperation is sometimes felt less and less accepted. Favor. Professor Padraig OMalley's pursuit of these ideals shows that if we put aside differences and work together, we can build a better world. "

Professor OMalley was deeply involved in the peace process in Northern Ireland and played an important role in uniting opposing factions and preparing for the Belfast Agreement. In South Africa, he documented the transition from apartheid to democracy, and played an important and unknown role in this transition. In Iraq, he convinced the warring political and religious leaders to hold talks in Finland, laying the groundwork for a peace agreement.

Professor OMalley thanked Henley & Partners for his recognition of their work, saying, "The peacebuilding process is not to ensure that the views of one faction overwhelm the other, but to build a common vision and create a better future. With a society in transition The cooperation shows that although we face different problems, challenges and backgrounds, we can learn from each other and learn from our experience. "

As Dr. Kaelin said: "The Commission does not recognize politicians or celebrities, but rather those who have deep insights into a major global issue and understand the true meaning of global citizenship."

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