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Home Appliances Innovation Retail Summit AO Smith Wins Two Awards “Retail Cloud” Industry Leader

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With the increasing volatility of the economic situation, this year's home appliance market is slightly deserted, but the major home appliance manufacturers and channels have created many new opportunities through continuous innovation. At the "2019 China Household Appliances Innovation and Retail Summit" recently held in Guangdong, many companies and organizations from well-known domestic appliances, retail, and scientific research institutions gathered to discuss new retail trends, new ideas, and new technologies in the home appliance industry. At the same time, the organizer also made a grand commendation for the outstanding performance of home appliance companies this year. Home appliance giant AO Smith lived up to expectations and won the two most-recognized awards on the spot-"2019 China Home Appliance Innovation Retail Pioneer Brand" and "2019 China Home Appliance Innovation Retail Case Award" ("Retail Cloud" Project), fully demonstrated "New retail" plays a vital role in the field of home appliances.

The theme of this summit is "black technology, full scene, new consumption". It is guided by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association and hosted by China State Grid. It aims to recognize new technology-driven new marketing models, summarize experiences, and look forward to the future. Participants agreed that enriching the shopping scene with new technologies, improving the shopping experience, researching and digging consumer demand, and creating greater user value will become the key to breaking pressure in the home appliance retail industry in the future.

During the award presentation, the organizer stated that under the changing market situation, AO Smith actively explored the leading retail model, continued to innovate in two aspects of product research and development, marketing model, effectively promoted refined management of stores, and finally realized the "retail cloud "The breakthrough growth of mobile sales has accumulated valuable experience for the entire industry.

AO Smith's consistent advantage: always insist on in-depth insight into consumer needs, and carry out high-quality innovative research and development based on this. In 2019, AO Smith made technical breakthroughs in response to many pain points that bothered the industry and consumers, and creatively created exclusive supplies for electric water heaters, gas water heaters, water purifiers and other categories for the third and fourth-tier markets. This series of star products leading the market, sales are stable according to the forefront of the industry.

In order to ensure a good shopping experience for consumers, AO Smith adheres to the operating concept of "healthy new retail, eliminating wholesale". All the products that AO Smith brought to the market are scanned out of the warehouse on the retail cloud platform to control the product flow of specific retail cloud franchise stores. Such an efficient traceability query system will ultimately escort a healthy new retail system.

As a multinational brand with a history of 145 years, AO Smith always insists on innovation and dares to try. For more than 20 years of deep cultivation in China, he has maintained a deep understanding of consumers, insisted on using the most advanced new technology, created fine products for Chinese consumers, explored new models for the home appliance industry, and accumulated new experience. At this summit, AO Smith won two innovative retail awards, which once again reflected the industry's recognition of the brand.

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