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Dogs have "tails" on their heads? Rescuers named it "narwhal"

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[World Wide Web reporter trainee reporter Zhu Haiyi] Have you ever seen a dog with a long tail on its head? According to the US Cable Day report, a rescued puppy in Missouri has a distinctive feature-a "small tail" is on its forehead! The rescue workers named it "Nahar ( Narwhal) ", and the name is actually the narwhal, a marine creature with long horns on its head.

According to the report, the puppy ’s full name is "Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn", which is different from a real narwhal. The narwhal has an ivory-like protruding tooth. The "tail" on Hal's forehead was short between his eyes. When Nahal is playing, the "tail" will move around.

The report mentioned that the veterinarian performed an X-ray scan of Nahar, and the results showed that the "tail" was not connected with anything, that is, it had no use, no pain, and no medical need. Reason for removal. "The unicorn-like forehead 'tail' does not bother Nahar, it does not slow down like a normal puppy."

Nahar was rescued by an animal environmental organization on Saturday and has attracted a lot of attention online. When Nahar gets older, it may be on the adoption list. However, the group said it also wanted to observe Nahal for a period of time to ensure that the "tail" would not continue to grow or cause problems.

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