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ZOL software download

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The uc browser computer version is the new UC browser on the PC side launched by UC. The uc browser computer version is a Chrome-based browser that has most of the standard features of the browser, such as incognito browsing, browsing acceleration, and mouse gestures. , Boss key, ad blocking (supports subscription filtering rules), etc. The UC browser computer version, like many Chrome kernel browsers, has its own application store.

It is a Chrome-based browser, with most of the standard features of the browser, such as incognito browsing, browsing acceleration, mouse gestures, boss keys, ad blocking (supports subscription filtering rules), etc. The UC browser computer version has many Chrome kernels Like a browser, it has its own app store.

The uc browser downloads the computer version, the world's fastest multi-screen browser, supporting mobile phones, computers, tablets, and TVs with fast Internet access, the choice of 500 million users. The fastest browser in the world, go to UC, find pleasure!

Fixed an issue where Youku could not log in normally using Alipay scan code in compatibility mode (thanks to the user for feedback from 152 **** 5127)

The UC computer version uniquely created "hybrid interaction", and created a new definition of human-computer interaction. Now you can experience some exclusive new features on a Windows computer equipped with a touch screen!

Just return to the new line! From [My Shopping List] and other UC exclusive money-saving channels, enter Taobao, Tmall, and confirm receipt through the UC computer version, you will get Alipay red envelopes!

[Cloud Acceleration] Set up international special lines to greatly improve the access speed of some foreign websites, such as Amazon, Wikipedia, and famous foreign university websites.

[Free WiFi] Improve the connectivity and stability of free WiFi and guide users to install patches on some Windows XP systems that lack the necessary patches

6. Fixed the problem that when the PC sends an apk file to the mobile phone under WIFI connection, when the mobile phone chooses to install or cancel, the PC prompts that the picture does not disappear;

3. Add history version clear function. (Due to the upgrade, there are many version files in the current user's UC browser installation directory, which takes up a lot of disk space).


Microsoft just released the latest version of IE7-Beta2, not the previous Beta2 Preview. This version fixes a series of major bugs, including the problem that caused IE7 to stop responding; it also improved the running speed. This is also publicly released by Microsoft The third beta version of IE7. The official version of IE7 is expected to be released in the second half of this year.


QQ Browser is a new generation of browser launched by Tencent. It uses a dual-browser mode of webkit and ordinary (IE) to design a new interface interaction and program framework. The purpose is to create a fast, stable, secure, High-quality web browser. zol provides the latest official version of QQ browser download. QQ browser is one of the products that Tencent attaches great importance to. QQ browser adopts single-core mode, which combines ultra-small installation package and super stability, and the speed of accessing web pages has been further optimized. The officially released version of the QQ browser will intelligently support the IE kernel and pull the IE8 kernel in the background according to the system conditions, effectively improving web page compatibility and reducing system vulnerabilities. Its purpose is to create a fast, stable, secure, and networked, high-quality browser for users.


Sogou Browser Rush Ticket 4.0 "Buy Ticket B Plan" can replace all friends and relatives, you only need to enter ticket information once, Sogou Browser can intelligently filter, filter, automatically retrieve and recommend to you in the background Tickets and seats, the next thing you have to do is click to buy, you can easily grab "alternative" tickets.


Window of the World is a browser with IE as its core. It is free, compact, fast, secure, and powerful, and has been loved by many users. Since version 2.0, following IE browser version 7.0, it is the second browser in the world to adopt a multi-threaded window frame. The window of the world is different from other multi-window browsers that use a single thread. The entire browser's death caused by a certain webpage's fake death, and the webpage's opening speed can be improved to a certain extent. After the official release of IE8, Theworld has also been perfected for the new features of IE8. Window of World Explorer 3.6 official version ( update log fix: Fixed display errors and unavailability caused by the original ioage.com domain name being blocked; Window of World Explorer 3.5 official version ( new Added: Aero transparent special effects are added under Vista and Win7 (need to open in the "Tools" menu); Fix: Fixed the problem that the network favorites button cannot be displayed after clicking; World of Windows Explorer 3.5 official version ( Fix: 1. Optimized some startup code to further improve the opening speed of the main frame; 2. Optimized the flash loading mechanism to improve the loading speed of pages without flash elements; 3. Fixed the menu options in the open menu bar, and clicked The splash screen problem when other plug-in buttons are generated; 4. Fixed the problem that may cause a crash when the independent video playback window is closed; 5. Fixed the problem that may cause a crash when exited; 6. Fixed win7, uninstall and browse After the browser, the icon of the taskbar lock icon failed to delete; 7. Fixed the problem that the preview may be closed when closing the preview under win7; 8. Fixed the setting of the webpage zoom ratio , When the browser is restarted, the status bar webpage zoom ratio is displayed incorrectly; 9. Fixed a crash that may occur when closing the background tab when the download window is newly created; 10. Fixed a crash that may occur when playing on Youku.com ** 11. Fixed the problem that the download extension crashed when the framework was closed in some cases; 12. Fixed the problem that might cause a crash in some cases; 13. Fixed the problem that the process might be stuck when creating the process 14. Fixed the problem that frequently clicking the tool menu item may cause a crash; 15. Fixed the problem that the button on the right side of the search bar was not displayed when the value of BarBorder in the skin was large; World of Windows Explorer 3.3 official version ( 1. Fully support IE9 kernel: a: support high-speed rendering mode under IE9, support GPU hardware acceleration (requires IE to open), new Chakra script engine, support CSS3 standard, etc .; b: enable GPU hardware acceleration by default; c : The anti-fake function is enabled by default; d: Some crash problems existing under RC have been solved; e: Fixed the problem that the mouse gesture picture shows black blocks; f: Fixed The problem of switching to a black screen after the anti-death is enabled; 2. Added a button to delete the URL in the drop-down list of the address bar; 3. Added the function to remind when the downloaded file is duplicated; Component loading logic; 2. Optimized the drawing method of the window to improve the startup speed of the browser; 3. Fully adjusted some browser parameters, shortened the difference between TW and IE, improved web page compatibility and program stability (without affecting TW (Existing configuration); 4. Enhanced GPU hardware acceleration processing capability under IE9; 5. Compatible with IE8 native compatibility view list; Fix: 1. Fixed the incorrect order of the address bar drop-down list; 2. Fixed the operation of the address bar There is a sound problem in the URL; 3. Fixed the problem that the label cannot be placed on the right side of the current label when creating a new label under the default skin; 4. Fixed the problem that the icon of the website was displayed incorrectly; 5. Fixed the issue where Del deleted the URL and then Issues that reappear; 6. Fixed the issue that the drop-down list of the address bar is too small; 7. Fixed the issue that in some cases, downloading files in batches may lead The problem of incorrect file name resolution; 8. Fixed the problem that the viewing history menu does not disappear when the window is minimized; 9. Fixed the problem that the website compatibility mode cannot be switched; 10. Fixed the "Using Thunder 5" in the download tool "Download word problem; 11. Fixed the problem of incorrect Google search on the start page; 12. Fixed the problem that the drop-down list button in the favorites bar was invalid; 13. Fixed the problem that the advertisement filtering icon was duplicated; 14. Fixed the shortcut key The callout menu is garbled; 15. Fixed the problem that the yellow bar button of the auto-fill plug-in is not displayed properly; 16. Fixed the problem that the menu bar cannot be hidden under the multi-function title bar; 17. Fixed the high-speed rendering mode menu not based on Compatibility view change bugs; 18, Fixed GPU acceleration inconsistency with IE9; 19, Fixed the issue that the ad blocking extension failed when a homepage was launched; 20, Fixed the issue of zoomed text flickering at startup; 21, Fixed The problem of an extra process in the single process model; 22. Fixed the problem of an extra 360sefreeze folder in the temp directory



Supports multiple streaming media protocols such as HTTP and MMS, and smoothly plays multiple video and audio formats such as WMV / asf / MP3 / WMA / SWf.

Office Word 2010 is a document editor in the Office2010 Home and Student Edition officially launched by Microsoft Office. The full official version of Office2010 provided on this page of Word2010 includes Word2010, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, InofPath, Access, Outlook, Publisher, etc. Components.

Thunder 5 is a download tool with the largest number of users in the world. The multi-resource hyper-threading technology used by Thunder 5 is based on the grid principle, which can effectively integrate the server and computer resources existing on the network. Various data files can be transmitted through Thunder 5 network. Fastest delivery.

Allow users to get the required data files from third-party servers and computers faster. Using advanced hyper-threading technology based on the grid principle, it is possible to effectively integrate data files existing on third-party servers and computers. With this advanced hyper-threading technology, users can access third-party servers and computers at a faster speed Get the required data files. This hyper-threading technology also has Internet download load balancing function. Under the premise of not reducing user experience, Thunder Network can balance server resources and effectively reduce server load.


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