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The first China System PK Ecological Partner Conference will be held soon

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At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform is emerging, which will promote the global next-generation information technology industry reform. On November 7-8, the industry's first "System PK Ecological Partner Conference", which has received much attention from the industry, will kick off in Suzhou. This will be the largest domestic PK system conference in the second half of the year. At that time, the theme of the conference will be "innovation leads to ecological empowerment". Suzhou Municipal People's Government and China Electronics Group will be the organizers, and cooperate with China System, Suzhou Gusu District People's Government, Tianjin Feiteng, Tianjin Kirin, EasyStack and other units work together with hundreds of information industry ecological partners around the PK system to talk, build, and share a new era of ecological technology systems with Chinese characteristics that is more modern, secure, and open.

At this conference, not only the latest PK2.0 system will be fully integrated through the PC Internet, mobile Internet, and the Internet of Things, and will further demonstrate the value of the "China Architecture" scenario for carrying cloud and smart objects, as well as the China Electronic Network Security Innovation Base & The unveiling of the National Joint Research Base in Suzhou, the release of Suzhou Network Security & Xinchuang Achievements, and the heavy release of PKC (PKCloud), to further deepen the PK2.0 system, will further promote the progress of the global next-generation information technology industry.

The People's Government of Suzhou City and China Electronics and Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. will sign a strategic cooperation agreement in Gusu District. The two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in the areas of information technology application innovation, network security research and development, modern digital city construction, and industrial ecological deployment. Create a "big power" of cyber security.

The latest development report on the construction of "Digital Jiangsu" shows that Suzhou is in a leading position in a number of indicators for the development of information technology in the province. The information infrastructure index ranks first in the province and the information technology industry index ranks first. Second in the province, this is closely related to the construction of the ecosystem of Suzhou's cyber security industry. At this conference, a large number of Suzhou network security innovation achievements will be unveiled for the first time, fully showing the agglomeration effect of the information security industry.

With the development of the Internet, cloud computing has become the infrastructure for digital society and corporate innovation. Only self-developed technologies can maximize the effectiveness of software and hardware. Only self-developed cloud computing can truly open up the role of big data, artificial intelligence, and 5G layout. Governor Second Pulse. The PKC system independently developed based on the PK system can not only cooperate with the core business of the key infrastructure industry, but also combine the Internet of Things and independent chips to play the innovative extension of cloud computing in the 5G Internet of Everything. More Chinese government departments and enterprise users use self-developed, agile and efficient cloud computing.

"PK system" is based on Phytium processor and Kylin operating system, and is supplemented by complex information system scenarios, compatible with "cloud and mobile intelligence", that is, cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, big data And the latest technology of artificial intelligence and other product portfolio ecology. As the "China Architecture" successfully built by China Electronics after years of exploration and practice, it not only has completely independent intellectual property rights, but also integrates the mobile ecosystem on the technical route, has built-in trusted computing in its security strategy, and deepened joint innovation in its organizational model. Formed a huge growth space for application innovation.

The development of the innovative ecology of the application of the PK system is a huge project based on the "skeleton" of the Chinese architecture to further increase muscles, input blood, and nourish nerves. In this process, the Chinese system plays a multi-subject role in building bridges and building an ecosystem together. At the same time, with the core elements of enterprises and research institutions, the government, financial institutions, intermediary organizations, innovation platforms, and non-profit organizations are the auxiliary elements. Collaboration, through in-depth cooperation and resource integration between the knowledge creation subject and the technological innovation subject.

It is reported that this conference provides a large-scale win-win platform for ecological cooperation among major manufacturers, as well as government departments and industry users. Many companies will sign up to join the PK family, which will form the main body of innovation, the environment for innovation, and the flow of innovation resources. Exploitation and empowerment, resulting in exponential growth.

At present, China is marching on its journey from a network power to a network power and will play a role of contributor, promoter and defender globally. The future competition in cyberspace will be a competition of core technologies, which is related to national security and the economy and people's livelihood. Therefore, the significance and market value of information security must not be ignored.

In this context, as China ’s independent research and development technology continues to improve and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain gradually open up, the ecological environment represented by the PK system in China is gradually taking shape. New equipment, new products and new applications around the PK system are emerging endlessly, and application scenarios are reoccurring. All walks of life are also being rolled out in a comprehensive manner, realizing a huge change from availability to usability. The integration and development of these innovative technologies will undoubtedly become a strong fulcrum in the future cyberspace.

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