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Expedited! Still blindly speculating? These changes you must know

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I never imagined that when the Shanghai stock index approached 3,000 points, and technology and medicine were constantly making new highs, new shares suddenly became the focus of the market. Only because of the newly listed new shares, the trend was "bad" one by one! And it has fallen to the point where it was almost broken to the point where it was just listed.

Before getting on the topic, Qian Yanjun would like to ask you friends of the "Doda" WeChat public account. The last time you talked about the break of the new stock, it is estimated that it is difficult to think of a break in 30 seconds. In the spring of 2018, Yangyuan Drinks attracted attention.

After a year and a half, the A-share market has undergone earth-shaking changes. Why is the renewed concern broken? Why is the new stock trending worse than it was then? Is this an accidental phenomenon, or is it an inevitable phenomenon from cause to effect?

Qian Yanjun did not share the research report for everyone today, but brought his own research results. I am going to spend two days to share the doorway of the new stock on the verge of breaking through with the friends of the “Doda” WeChat public account. I hope everyone can feel the changes in the investment ecology!

Speaking of Yu Nong Commercial Bank, under the price-earnings ratio pricing, even the 44% increase in the first day of a new stock failed to keep up. Investors who won the lottery thought they had the idea of vomiting blood.

For large-cap stocks such as Yunong Commercial Bank, in fact, we can foresee that the new shares will not increase much over the period of time. But as far as winning the lottery is concerned, it is indeed a bit disappointing, but the next scene seems to make the investor ’s psychological “balance” in the lottery.

Qisheng Technology, which was listed with Yunong Commercial Bank, rose 44% on the first day, and land sales were all reasonable. However, the second trading day of the listing, Qisheng Technology opened the limit immediately, making all investors unexpected, only a 4.05% turnover rate, many successful candidates "crying."

On the third trading day of the listing, Qisheng Technology's "single word" limit fell, and the stock price fell to 52.09 yuan, which is not far from the issue price of 44.66 yuan / share. What is more worrying is that it is difficult for successful applicants to sell!

The two new stocks have just been listed, and their lowest prices are not far from breaking, which makes the market more or less worried! But is IPO really so bad? This is not the case.

According to statistics, since October, 9 non-Science and Technology Innovation Board new shares have been listed on the A-share market. Miolant, which was listed just one week earlier than the Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank, harvested 7 daily limits. Even on the day of the opening, the opening price was at the daily limit and the performance was acceptable. Follow the “Doda” WeChat public account and read Qian Yanjun ’s stock market research articles in time.

Pushing forward, Jiahe Smart, which was listed on October 18, is still in the upswing stage. Although the "one-word" daily limit was opened last Friday, the stock is still popular with funds, and the stock price has continued to increase since the listing. new highs.

Just comparing with October, careful friends should be able to see that today's new stocks, their performance does not converge, but begins to differentiate. Good-quality new stocks can receive funding attention regardless of the timing of their listing.

For example, May this year should be the worst month for the overall performance of the A-share market this year. The stocks of new stocks listed in this month, such as Triangle Defense and Zhongjian Technology, have all been smashed. Feng Energy has already broken, and small-cap stock Honghe Technology is on the verge of breaking.

For a long time, after the opening of new shares, if the increase before the opening is small, speculation in new funds will be speculative; if the increase before the opening is huge, the speculation of new funds will also be speculative; for the new stocks with modest gains, active funds will often be based on Market conditions determine whether it is worth the hype.

Taking the above-mentioned Zhongjian Technology as an example, due to its low issue price of 6.06 yuan / share, the stock has 12 "one-word" daily limit boards. By the time the board opens, the stock price has soared to 30.15. Yuan / share, the stock price has risen nearly 5 times. Follow the “Doda” WeChat public account and read Qian Yanjun ’s stock market research articles in time.

However, its absolute price is not high and the scarcity hype concept of carbon fiber has become the object of hunting for new funds. After adjusting for a few days, the new funds launched a wave of hype for Zhongjian Technology, raising its stock price to 54.86 yuan. /share.

Such examples have appeared many times this year. In summary, there are two major characteristics: one is that the absolute price after opening is not high and there is potential for speculation; the other is that new shares are in the hot spot of market hype, such as Zhuo Shengwei, which was listed at the climax of chip hype.

For example, Ximai Foods soon opened after listing. After a few days of adjustment, the stock did try to speculate with new funds. However, the hype has just begun, but due to insufficient funds, the stock price plummeted, leading to the above-mentioned hype model being " "Strangling" can only be dismal.

Similarly, Tang Yuan Electric, which was shortly after the listing, has exactly the same trend as Ximai Foods, including Insail Group and Haineng Industry, which virtually "strangled" new funds.

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