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19-year-old girl graduated from 8 colleges and universities to offer: never bring mobile phone in class

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Peking University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Wuhan University are holding admission notices for 8 prestigious universities. Which one is better?

This is not "thinking too much". For 19-year-old female school bully Xu Sheng, this is the "big trouble" she faced when choosing Baoyan School this year. In the end, she handed over her tomorrow to Peking University.

For a while, the topic of "19-year-old girl Baoyan Peking University" appeared on the Internet. Netizens are calling out, parents must not be allowed to see this other child

On the morning of the 2nd, Xu Sheng, who was shopping in the supermarket, realized that the thing he had sent to Peking University became a hot search on the Internet. Not long after, her WeChat friends list added more than a hundred new friends: "A lot of schoolmates and girls added me, asking me to review my notes and research experience."

Xu Sheng, now 19, was born in March 2000. He is a 2016-year student of Radio and Television Major of Anhui University. As a result of her freshman to junior ranking, she was ranked first in her majors. She received a place recommended by the school as a postgraduate student who is exempt from postgraduate studies ("Professional Graduate Research") and was successfully admitted to Peking University at the end of September.

In fact, Xu Sheng has always ranked high in the results. She told Xiaoxin that the reason why she was in her senior year at the age of 19 was because she was in elementary school when she was 5. And in the fifth grade, I started to study the junior high school curriculum: "So I skipped one grade in elementary school and went directly to junior high school without going to sixth grade. I was only 10 years old at that time."

Seeing the news of Xu Sheng Baoyan Peking University spreading on the Internet, Xu Sheng's father, who does not often follow the new dynamics, today "showed off" a wave of daughters in the circle of friends, and blessed: "New era, new starting point, new journey, effort A dream come true! Come on. "

But now, he suddenly became very concerned, and was praised as "too good" by netizens, and even when he walked in the school, he would be recognized. Xu Sheng felt a little apprehensive: "I really didn't think I was very powerful. There are a lot of school sisters, and my roommate also succeeded. "

According to Xu Sheng, two of her four classmates in the dormitory have been admitted to our school and Lanzhou University, and another girl is preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination.

Studying is the biggest learning goal of Xu Sheng during his undergraduate period. After learning that his grades were good enough to obtain the qualification for school research, Xu Sheng spent his entire university time working for this.

However, it is not easy to get a qualification for insurance research. According to Cui Mingwu, deputy dean of the School of Journalism and Communication of Anhui University, there is fierce competition for insurance research qualifications, and only 14% of the students in the school can get exemption from insurance research. "This means that for a graduate to graduate, all students must be in the top 10% of their majors."

In addition to the requirements for performance, comprehensive development is also within the scope of the inspection. Cui Mingwu introduced that students' usual professional practice scores and extra points for participating in various activities are also counted.

In Cui Mingwu's mind, Xu Sheng is indeed one of the favorite students she taught: "She is very easy to learn and reads much more than students of the same grade." When Cui Mingwu and other teachers talked about Xu Sheng, they repeatedly mentioned To: "I often run into children reading books in the library."

What makes Cui Mingwu even more memorable is that during the class, he found that Xu Sheng was the only student in the class who did not bring a mobile phone into the classroom: "We called in a small program on WeChat and found that Xu Sheng was not logged in to WeChat in the classroom. She said that she didn't bring her mobile phone in class, so she couldn't sign in with WeChat. "Cui Mingwu recalled.

Xu Sheng's efforts paid off. For three years, she has always ranked first in the professional ranking. Although the major was in the liberal arts, Xu Sheng participated in the college student computer design competition when he was a sophomore and won the third prize of the state. In junior year, he successfully won the national scholarship.

Since it was determined to obtain the qualification for insurance research in May this year, Xu Sheng has begun to prepare for the insurance research of foreign schools: "Arrange files, collect information, find schools, submit waiver materials to major universities over and over, and apply for college summer camps again and again."

According to Xu Sheng's recollection, during the insurance research period, she completed a waiver application to 12 universities including Peking University, NTU, and Chinese University of Science and Technology, and received notice of retesting in 9 of them.

In July, the re-testing of the institute started. Xu Sheng has also embarked on his own path. At the end of June, she passed the waiver summer camp at Nanjing University. But unfortunately, Xu Sheng did not get the Summer Camp Outstanding Student Certificate, which means that her chances of applying to enter NTU Graduate School are much lower than others.

"I interviewed 5 universities throughout July and rushed to Nanjing, Wuhan, and Beijing to take the retests. In September, I interviewed 4 more universities and went to Nanjing, Beijing, and Hangzhou to take the retests." Xu Sheng said.

In addition to the hardships of the road, every time Xu Sheng went to a city to take the test again, he needed to carry professional books with him to review: "Although each test is basically the content of those books, I have to reconsider each test. "

Whether in the hotel or on the high-speed rail to the next city, Xu Sheng is endorsing. In Xu Sheng's words, one of the professional books, she has been able to silently write all the key content according to the book's framework.

This "fatigue battle" continued from July to September this year. During the period, many of Xu Sheng's graduate students in Baoyan have received admission notices from Xinyi University, but her future has not yet been settled. "Every time I go home after retesting, my parents dare not ask me the results, they are afraid of putting pressure on me." Xu Sheng said that during the insurance research, the whole family atmosphere became heavy.

Until September 28 this year, Xu Sheng found on the official website of Peking University that he was notified that he would be admitted as a professional master in journalism and communication at Peking University. After submitting the confirmation information, her insurance research work finally ended.

Hearing the news of Xu Shengbao graduated from Peking University, Cui Mingwu, who is the vice president, was also proud. He hoped that Xu Sheng could stand on a better platform and insist on his quality of learning: "Going better and further in the future is the best reward for his alma mater." Cui Mingwu said.

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