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A new semi-colon for the holiday tree house that swept Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai! 50% off to grab visual inspection is about to explode again!

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I have no sad lyrics, the paparazzi in our class read, the full text of our paparazzi, the years we missed each other, the songs we sang

★ Rooted in Wuyuan, Shanghai and Hangzhou depart directly from the high-speed rail in 2 ~ 3h. The high-speed rail to the tree house is only ten minutes. It takes just a weekend to go on vacation.

This time, Xiaoyi has won a 50% discount for the opening for everyone, only from £¤ 888 / night, with a lot of special benefits such as 2 big breakfasts for the next day, afternoon tea for two, welcome fruits on the first day, and 50% off to 7 The end of the month, slow hands! This summer, go to the tree house in the mountains and be a carefree elf!

PS: The tree house has not been officially opened before, and most of them have been booked internally. The check-in is scheduled to be after August 10! Therefore, if you want to check in as soon as possible, it is recommended to book the check-in date immediately after purchasing the package. However, the room voucher is valid for a long time and can be used until the end of February 2020. It is also a good choice to check in at a suitable time such as room vouchers ~

[Enjoy] Up to 2 large and 1 small tree frog tribe characteristic experience activities once (look for tree frog tribe / wetland forest mystery / hand-painted oil paper umbrella 3 out of 1, choose when reserving)

[Enjoy] You can visit the Tree Frog Culture Museum, Tree Frog Living Museum, Tree Frog Coffee House, Children's Activity Room, Villagers Food Set, Checking Wine House, Yanyufang, Caizhufang, and Silkfang

[Note] The net red starry sky dome room has an area of 25㎡: a 1.5-meter large bed (suitable for couples), only 2 rooms, if the room is full, it is recommended to change the triangle parent-child tree house

The entire Nakamura was built along the banks of Xiaolu Creek, with Baiyun Bridge, rocky beaches, mountain streams, and original secondary forests ... showing the tranquil and delicate beauty everywhere. There are also endangered animals here, tree frogs. Tree frogs have extremely high requirements for the living environment. Wherever they go, the ecology must be zero pollution and the best.

In order not to damage the local natural environment, the design concept of the tree frog tribe has always insisted on "using environmentally sustainable materials to return to the quality of nature".

Use environmentally friendly materials and flexible construction methods to avoid the ancient trees and streams here. The full log material is used to shorten the distance from the forest. At the same time, an independent rural space is provided under the house. Looking from a distance, this tree house is like a tree growing in the forest. It blends into nature perfectly without any surprise.

The tree frog tribe composed of 11 sets of tree frog tree houses, 4 tree frog tents, 1 dome house, 1 bird nest loft, and 1 RV can be found in the holiday zone of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai with less than 20 rooms.

Thanks to the love of the guests, the tree frog tribe began to look for a second, more primitive and purer place to swim, so this summer, the much-anticipated tree frog tribe 2.0 appeared in Wuyuan!

Come to Wuyuan this season is a good choice. The crowds of the flower-viewing season dissipate, and it is easier to see its peaceful and beautiful side. The mountains, water, and fields are full of fresh greenery, and with a little water vapor, it seems to be able to wash the soul and is more suitable for vacation.

Today's protagonist, the Tree Frog Tribe, takes root less than two kilometers from Wuyuan County, a fairy-tale village called Majia Village, which is rarely disturbed by tourists.

Depart from Wuyuan High Speed Railway Station, but it takes only ten minutes by car. This place is more secretive than the Siming Mountains in Yuyao. The green hills are the gauze and the green waters, and they are impeccable regardless of geographical location or natural environment.

The tree frog tribe is backed by lush dense mountain forests, and breathes in and out with natural and fresh taste; living next to the river adds a gentle poetic flavor.

And this unique geographical advantage is the first surprise to the residents of the tree frog tribe. After checking in, you can take a ferry boat to your tree house accompanied by a professional coach. The ceremony is full of rituals.

Of course, friends who don't like water can take another wooden boardwalk hidden in the dense forest to connect all the tree houses. The journey between them is like a forest exploration. I don't know what surprises will be gained in the next second.

"Dark and dark clouds show paintings, shallow and deep drafts of water and blue. The flat boat I want the spring breeze, the fish and birds are still old." This poem describing Wu Yuan, in the tree frog tribe became a handy picture in front of the window, Beauty is intoxicating.

The Yuyao tree frog tribe all uses environmentally sustainable materials. This has been continued in Wuyuan's new store. The tree frog settled in Majia Village, but it did not bring any natural pressure and trouble to Majia Village. Villagers are living in harmony in a pleasant way.

The volume this time is still not large, in order to ensure excellent service and check-in experience, 16 triangular tree houses + 2 net red starry sky domes, if you want to live, you must make an appointment as soon as possible!

If staying with a baby, I would first recommend a parent-child triangle tree house. From a distance, you can see that the pointed roof is hidden in the lush woods, and the chic shape is very pleasing to the children. When you come here, everything will become valuable.

The roof and walls are supported by huge roof trusses. Compared with Japan's largest tree house, the shape here is more acceptable. The simple and simple roof lines outline the natural skyline.

This giant panoramic sunroof covers all the way to the top of the triangular roof, like a landscape filter, no matter whether it is sunny or rainy, day or night, it will change different landscapes for you.

There is also a small staircase in the room that leads directly to the attic, making full use of the space of the tree house, while also satisfying the childlike innocence that children love to climb up and down. Very clever design.

A simple tent and a few cute pillows can create a favorite place for children. Covered with a soft carpet intimately, stepping on it barefoot is not afraid of cold, even if you accidentally fall, it does not hurt.

A sofa lounge chair was placed opposite the tent, and it was very pleasant to sit and drink tea. Beds, coffee tables, stools, coffee tables ... The home interiors are made of logs, with a simple but uncomplicated handmade texture.

In each room, there are not only four seasons of comfortable heating and air conditioning, but also super configuration: Comfort zone full wash, Dyson hair dryer, Marshall audio, Fauvism storage basket, DeLonghi Delong kettle, Husky ideas refrigerator, British CRIA children's wool quilt ...... Super-textured details, no less than star hotels.

The tree house is certainly not the limit of the tree frog tribe's imagination. Here, you can also live in the starry sky dome of the red ins. Walking up the steps to the top of the tree is like stepping closer to childhood dreams and childlike innocence. All romantic fantasy is realized at this moment.

In order not to damage the environment, but can integrate with the surroundings, steel pipes are used to build directly on the ground. In order to make the tree house grow naturally in the flat ground, while protecting the local high-quality water resources and respecting nature, the tree house is supported by a shallow foundation and suspended in the air.

Although the sparrow is small, it has all the internal organs, and its internal space and structure are well-organized. It uses the same high-end configuration as the Triangle Tree House, Dyson hair dryer, Marshall speakers ... everything is also available; geometric windows emit bright rays of light, lying on Waking up by the morning light is the first hello that nature says to you.

This corner in front of the glass window is very photogenic. Bohemian pillows and carpets add a touch of exotic flavor to the room. Feel free to sit here and take a picture, which bursts with the praise of the circle of friends.

In the Tree Frog tribe, staying for three days and three nights is not enough. The hotel has created a rich variety of tricks, which can be participated by friends and family.

The Tree Frog Tribe is a lovely tree house surrounded by the Xingjiang River. On the crystal clear river, professional kayak instructors will take you to the entire tree frog tribe and the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river.

Become a wild explorer, punch the hand-painted lanterns of each tree frog image, and look for the tree frog family living in the countryside, treetops, and roofs: large tree frogs, flower narrow tree frogs, and Huaxi tree frogs ... close to 20 species The tree frog has very high requirements for the ecological environment, and lives happily with us in this pure and primitive tribe.

In the wetland forest of the Tree Frog tribe, there are more than 100 kinds of plants (arbors, shrubs, grasses, flowers). The hotel staff summarizes all the plant species and uses vivid words to create a story of plants that are born and moved into a manual. , It is convenient for children to meet them in the tree frog tribe.

The hotel introduces the Italian luxury brand GUCCI custom paper umbrella, which perfectly integrates with the local oil paper umbrella culture. The umbrella workshop is set up. You can enjoy the fine oil paper umbrella and follow the paper umbrella master to create hand-painted trees with unique personality. Little Frog Oil Paper Umbrella.

In the silk workshop, the bamboo weaving culture of Majia Village, a tree frog tribe, is placed. Various agricultural tools and farming utensils are made of bamboo weaving. It is exquisite and durable, showing the flavor of nature and full of local flavor.

In the tree frog tribe, children's hands can be fully satisfied! Under the guidance of the teacher, making dumplings, making green rice dumplings ... with a little thought, you can make food into a variety of interesting handmade works ~ eating your own DIY food, the taste is also very fragrant.

In the Tree Frog Living Museum, big friends have a rest, children have a cheerful playroom, a combination of movement and background music to relax your body and mind, mellow coffee can excite the taste buds, in Tree Frog In the living museum, holding a book is a time, and a short stay is a moment of joy.

When you come to the tree frog tribe, you have to taste the food. The chef in the kitchen is a well-known health master Yao Yao. He is good at using local fresh ingredients from Wuyuan. The food he has hand-picked includes wild wormwood, steam cakes, and steamed meat, which are full of authentic farmhouse taste. In addition, he also makes Get authentic Vietnamese and Cantonese cuisine, and discerning taste buds will be conquered by this delicious.

Fuling Village, which lives under Shier Mountain, still shocks many tourists by relying on a unique cultural landscape. The simplest villagers, drying pumpkin, chili, red beans, and mung bean rice in the sun, the cascading old house tile house has become a place for the Fuling people to bask in the autumn. Even if it is not in the fall, they still appreciate the "sun autumn". . This seemingly ordinary scene of labor is as dense as a poem and beautiful as a painting, and it has inadvertently constructed a paradise.

The Likeng, the closest to the county seat on the east line, has the most unique Hui style architecture. The village is surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery. The village is full of ancient buildings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The tiles and staggering are scattered. The streets and streams in the village run through, nine bends and ten bends, walking on the bluestone slabs covered with moss, as if stepping on the cleanest earth on earth.

Route, Wuyuan North Bus Station—Take a bus bound for Qiukou, Jiangwan, Xitou, Xiaoqi, from 8: 00-16: 30, every half an hour, get off at Likeng Village Exit, walk for one kilometer

Wangkou, historically known as the "land of thousands of smoke," still has 500 households, more than 1,700 people, and more than 95% of housing, still retaining the characteristics and style of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Wangkou is located in Wuyuan County The west of Dongjiangwan Town is 23 kilometers from the county town of Ziyang, 84 kilometers west to the porcelain capital Jingdezhen, 58 kilometers south to Sanqing Mountain, a national scenic spot, and 101 kilometers east to Huangshan Mountain in Anhui. The transportation is very convenient, which is also called The important reason of "Shangbu Old Street". Wangkou's natural and human landscapes are very distinctive and colorful, attracting many Chinese and foreign tourists.

(Picture worm: @ 行者 无痕) Simple and elegant houses, zigzag and quiet streets, blue stone paved post roads, wild and clear surroundings, ancient trees covering the sky ... She is on the blue stone slab road in Xiaoqi The teahouse drank chrysanthemum tea, and Lala, a chestnut-skinned granny, was homely. Soon, the sun went down unknowingly. Maybe you can go for a walk in the woods

Guests from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai can choose to drive by car and navigate to Wuyuan Tree Frog Tribe (about 6 hours in Shanghai, 4 hours and 6 minutes in Hangzhou, and about 5 hours in Ningbo) # 高 铁 #

Take the high-speed rail to Wuyuan Station, and you can take a taxi directly after you arrive. The drive takes about 10 minutes. Click to snap up: 50% off the new Wufrog Tree Frog Tribe Store.

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