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8 problems in special rectification

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According to Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 17. Recently, the Central Education Leading Group of the theme of “Don't Forget Your Original Mind and Remember Your Mission” issued the “Notice on Carrying Out Special Rectification in the Theme of“ Don't Forget Your Original Mind and Remember Your Mission ”. All units of the department carefully study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions, with the consciousness of facing up to the problem and the courage of cutting-edge inward, earnestly grasp the special rectification of 8 outstanding issues listed in the theme education.

1. To rectify the problems of the implementation of the internship in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee. Carry out self-inspection and self-correction of the implementation situation, sort out one by one, and establish a ledger. Focus on whether the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions have been implemented, whether problems have been resolved, and whether the status quo has changed. Special reports should be formed for the rectification.

2. Rectify the problem of inaction. Focusing on the tasks of stabilizing growth, promoting reform, restructuring, benefiting people's livelihood, preventing risks, and maintaining stability, we will advance the three major battles, especially prevent and resolve major risks, solve supply-side structural reform problems, and solve key areas. The core technology "stuck neck" problem, solving the pressing problems facing the party's construction, focusing on the central task of the region, department and unit, focusing on improper work ideas and measures, poor guidance and promotion, dare not face problems, conflicts, and long-term work There are no substantive progress, and the problems that the masses report strongly cannot be solved for a long time.

3. Rectify prominent problems that violate the spirit of the eight central regulations. Focus on issues such as eating and drinking in violation of regulations, receiving gifts and gifts in violation of regulations, and handling wedding and funeral events in violation of regulations, and focus on issues such as participating in various seminars and forums in violation of regulations. According to the requirements of the central government and the actual work, we will improve the system and norms.

4. Rectify the problem of increasing the burden on the grassroots. Focusing on issues such as issuing documents at various levels, having meetings at various levels, and having too many inspections and inspections, we have implemented rectifications one by one. Comprehensively clean up and regulate the "one-vote veto" and signing responsibility bills.

6. Rectify problems that infringe on the interests of the masses. Focus on the problem of corruption and style in the field of poverty alleviation, focus on the violation of the interests of the people in the areas of people's livelihood such as education and medical care, environmental protection, food and drug safety, focus on the malpractices and "micro-corruption" that occur around the people, focus on the problem of statistical counterfeiting, and conduct centralized management .

8. Rectify the problem of letting the yellow gambling poison and the evil forces leave it as an umbrella. Combining the anti-corruption campaign with the anti-corruption fight and grass-roots "flicking the fly", and promoting "breaking the umbrella and breaking the net" has significantly improved people's sense of security and satisfaction.

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