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Wheat leads alone! Tomorrow sprints HSBC's first victory over Li Haotong T15

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On November 2, Beijing time, the third day of the World Championships-HSBC Championship ended. With the closing bird captured on the 18th hole, Rory McIlroy delivered a single round of 67 for the third time this week, with a total score of -15, leading the 54 hole alone, and will launch a final sprint for victory tomorrow. .

Rolex spokesperson and Chinese player Li Haotong started the 6-hole game today and caught 5 birds, but due to mistakes in the last nine, he finally ended the mobile day game with a total score of -6 and currently ranks 15th.

Coming to Mobile Day, the competition for HSBC's top spot has also entered a white-hot stage. But despite the status of others, McIlroy has maintained his own rhythm. Today, the first nine successively caught 4 birds. When the wheat came to the 18th hole, it remained in a non-smashing state, and it ended with a strong one bird and handed in 67 shots again. The total score came to -15 67), with a one-shot advantage over Louis Uxen to lead.

Although he has never won in Sheshan, McIlroy, who has entered the top five four times, has been a popular candidate for the championship. And this week, King of Northern Love is likely to redefine the personal record of HSBC and lay a good foundation for returning to the number one in the world. "I think at the end of the year I may not be able to catch up with the number one in the world, but if I play well in the next few games, you know, it will definitely lay a good foundation for next year. This year I achieved what I want to achieve For the most part, I am satisfied with everything at present and hope that I can end strongly. "Wheat said before the game.

For tomorrow's final, Wheat said that the most important thing is to maintain a mentality, then it is possible to win. "It feels very good today. I discussed with my agent before the game. If I can hit 267 this week, then the championship should be fine."

Unlike the stability of wheat, the performance of Chinese player Li Haotong is relatively ups and downs. Starting from the first hole today, the scorecard started off all the way, catching 3 birdies in a row. After a hole in the paparazzi, the Chinese guy once again started the continuous bird catching mode, and the two birds directly escorted themselves to the first place in the leaderboard.

However, the turn appeared on the eighth hole. Due to a mistake in the kickoff, Li Haotong swallowed his first break in this five-hole hole, and finished the first nine with a -4. After the transition, although Li Haotong caught the birdie on the 14th hole, it was a pity that 4 breaks and a double break on the 13th made him lose the lead, and finally he was tied for 11th with a total score of -6.

In terms of other Chinese players, the young golfer Yuan Yechun moved 74 shots a day, with a total score of -3 in the 27th place. US tour member Zhang Xinjun is tied for 30th with -2.

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