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The scale of investment invitation for the second session of the expo reached a record high

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Our newspaper, Shanghai, November 2 (Reporter Tian Hong) The number of guests and guests from the second China International Import Expo has increased from 12 in the previous session to 15 and more than one-third of the countries that have appeared in the national exhibition. Of the 64 participating countries in the national exhibition, 39 countries participated in the exhibition again except China, and 24 countries participated for the first time. The scope covers five continents, including 24 Asian countries, 8 African countries, 17 European countries, and 12 American countries. , Oceania countries 3. On the 2nd, Assistant Minister of Commerce Ren Hongbin introduced the relevant situation at the press conference of the 2nd China International Import Expo held in Shanghai.

The second Hongqiao International Economic Forum theme topics and sub-forum speakers and interactive guest list have been published online. The scope of topics has been expanded from the first economic and trade field to a wide range of economic fields. The number of sub-forums has been increased to five, and the scope of topics has been enriched. .

Ren Hongbin revealed that the investment promotion work of the 2nd International Expo has also achieved significant results: it is large in scale, with more than 500,000 registered professional visitors at home and abroad, far exceeding the first one, and it is also among the best in international professional exhibitions; it has strong professionalism and professional visitors cover the national economy Various industries, including 31% from the manufacturing industry and 23% from the wholesale and retail industries. The most popular areas for buyers are the equipment, science and technology, food and agricultural products exhibition areas; private enterprises account for a high proportion, and domestic enterprises Among them, private enterprises accounted for 67%; overseas buyers grew rapidly. About 3,600 overseas buyers attended the first expo, and more than 7,000 overseas professional visitors registered for the second expo. International appeal and influence.

Xu Kunlin, deputy mayor of Shanghai, introduced the situation of Shanghai's urban service guarantee. On the basis of summing up the successful experience of the first expo, the second expo will further optimize on-site services and optimize the full service system. According to reports, this time also added 20 Chinese-English bilingual "jinbao robot" guidance. Strengthen the translation service, and on the basis of the first session, send an additional 180 volunteer translators to provide on-site security, involving the six universal languages of the United Nations and Korean. At the same time, the catering supply capacity has been strengthened, the number of catering service providers has been increased, and the emergency support capacity for large passenger flow dining has been improved.

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