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Preschool education legislation enters the national legislative horizon

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The Ningxiang Recruitment Network Fuding Talent Network and Ruichang Talent Network recently voted and approved the "Twelfth Session of the Twelfth Session of the Education, Science, Culture and Health Committee at the Fourth Plenary Session of the Thirty-first Session of the Twelfth National Standing Committee." The report on the results of the review of the proposals submitted by the delegates submitted for deliberation by the second meeting ("Report" for short) shows that the pre-school education legislation that has received much attention has been included in the legislative plan or annual legislative plan of the 12th National Standing Committee, entering the national legislative vision .

The National and its Education, Culture, and Health Commission attaches great importance to the legislation of preschool education. Since 2013, the Education, Culture, and Health Committee has successively carried out a series of investigations and studies in Tianjin, Anhui, Yunnan, and Sichuan, summed up the development and legislative situation of preschool education in various places, and analyzed the main difficulties and problems facing preschool education legislation. In December 2015, the National Standing Committee reviewed and passed an amendment to the Education Law to increase the specialization of preschool education. In 2016, the 24 representatives of the National Representative regarding the vigorous development of preschool education were listed as the key supervision. The Ministry of Education has also done a lot of work, successively revised the working rules of kindergartens, introduced specific policies on kindergarten construction, establishment, and health care, and has initially formed an expert draft of the preschool education law. The Education, Culture, Health and Welfare Committee will urge the drafting department to seriously study and adopt the opinions and suggestions of the representatives, timely communicate and understand the work progress and key and difficult issues, and accelerate the preschool education legislation process.

It is reported that of the 66 bills submitted by representatives of the Fifth National Conference of the Twelfth National Conference for consideration by the National Commission for Education, Culture, Health, and Education, 61 were legislative bills, including 24 in education, 2 in science and technology, and 11 in culture. There are 24 cases in population health and sports, involving 37 legislative items.

The "Report" shows that the revision of the vocational education law and the formulation of the preschool education law are included in the legislative plan or annual legislative plan of the 12th National Standing Committee. In addition, the "Report" believes that legislative items such as the formulation of the Family Education Law, the Lifelong Education Law, the Continuing Education Law, the revision of teaching, and the speeding up of the amendment to the degree regulations proposed in the Representative's motion are indeed necessary for legislation. Drafting work, submitted to the National Standing Committee for consideration when conditions are ripe. Regarding the proposal for the formulation of the examination law and the enrollment and examination law of colleges and universities, the relevant departments are studying the formulation and amendment of relevant laws and regulations. Relevant departments have carefully studied and demonstrated the three bills on amending the compulsory education law and the bill on amending individual provisions of the education law.

In response to the proposal for the National Standing Committee to carry out an inspection of the enforcement of the Education Law, the National Education, Culture, Health and Safety Committee and the National Standing Committee carefully study to supervise the implementation of the Education Law, Compulsory Education Law, Education, and Juvenile Insurance to promote problem resolution.

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