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The Thirty-first Session of the Twelfth National Standing Committee: Financial education investment should be optimized

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According to the agenda of the Thirty-first Session of the Twelfth National Standing Committee, the State Council's report on the allocation and use of state financial education funds, which has entered the group review stage, has not unexpectedly become a focus of attention of members.

How to optimize the structure of national fiscal education funds expenditure? How to evaluate and improve the efficiency of capital investment? How to meet the new needs of education development in the new era and spend money on the blade? Committee members have set their sights on the quality and effectiveness of national fiscal education investment in the 4% era.

"The investment in pre-school education only accounts for 4.2% of the total financial education funds. I feel very low, and the investment in vocational education is too small." Zheng Gongcheng, member of the National Standing Committee, admitted that in front of the target of 1: 1 general employment, 6.2% The investment in secondary vocational education is obviously low.

Pang Lijuan, member of the National Standing Committee, believes that in recent years, the country's overall strategic ability to serve education has continued to improve, and financial support and contribution to education have contributed greatly. However, in the process of fully implementing the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it is worth pondering how to make new developments, make better use of financial functions, and effectively adhere to the bottom line, highlight the key points, improve the system, and guide expectations in education guarantee. "Innovating and establishing a financial investment system for preschool education is the meaning of the title. We must not only increase investment in preschool education, but also break through traditional thinking, establish a system of financial appropriations for preschool education students, and meet the needs of the new situation in the new period. Speed up the expansion of inclusive preschool education resources. "Pang Lijuan said.

Chen Zhu, deputy chairman of the National Standing Committee, is concerned that the current fiscal system is still not paying enough attention to increasing the proportion of non-financial education funding through vocational education. Wu Zhengyou, a national representative attending the meeting, believes that vocational education is still a shortcoming of financial education investment, and it should be tilted to vocational education in the optimization of the structure of national financial education funding input, because vocational education is directly related to employment and faces a late start, Higher practical problems of running a school.

Fan Xu Litai, member of the National Standing Committee, found that the report mentioned that 56.8% of the state's financial education expenditures in 2016 were teachers 'salaries and benefits, an increase of more than 10% compared to 2012. However, there is no special investment in the training of teachers' teaching ability , The report did not mention. "I believe there should be, but only a small investment, not specifically listed." Committee member Fan Xu Litai believes that teacher training involves the improvement of teachers' soft power and deserves more attention.

"The situation of not seeing people in education financial investment needs to be changed as soon as possible." Wu Heng, a member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee, found that in some places, in the use of financial education funds, some people tend to use hardware construction, and "people" Insufficient investment. "It is necessary to consider increasing the expenditure on personnel funds, including teachers' salaries and benefits, and related fields related to teacher development," said Wu Heng.

Commissioner Pang Lijuan found in the survey that the treatment of Jinshan Talent Network is still an important factor restricting the construction of rural teachers. According to the calculation of 3.3 million rural teachers across the country, if the average monthly salary of about 2,400 yuan for rural teachers is increased to nearly 5,000 yuan, more people will be willing to work for rural teachers. "If a state-level job subsidy system for rural teachers in remote and remote areas is established, it will not only help retain teachers, revitalize their stocks, but also help guide expectations." She said frankly, in actual operation, more financial education investment still follows As the project and projects continue, to transform from hardware and equipment investment to human investment, Longyou Talent Network . Coordination of various departments needs to be coordinated at the national level.

"Relevant data shows that from 2012 to 2016, private school sponsors invested 79.8 billion yuan, accounting for only 0.48% of the total national investment in education. In 2016, social donation income was only 8.1 billion yuan, accounting for 0.2% of the total national education expenditure. It is 15.6% lower than in 2012, and the enthusiasm for social investment and education has not been fully exerted. Chaoan Recruitment Network , "said Yan Yixin, a member of the National Standing Committee, how to increase the proportion of social funds invested in education needs attention.

Member Zheng Gongcheng believes that this situation shows that the structural imbalance in education funding has not been fundamentally changed. There is still a lot of room for how to truly implement the law for promoting private education and truly mobilize social and market resources for education.

"For education to develop, education investment must grow steadily. It is clear that fiscal investment in this area must be the mainstay and play a major role. However, mobilizing social forces to participate in education development is also an important way to solve education investment and should be given more attention. Luo Qingquan, member of the National Standing Committee, believes that the enthusiasm of all sectors of society to participate in running schools is still very high, and the potential of social capital to run education is huge. We should further improve policies and measures, further mobilize social capital enthusiasm, and promote social capital investment in education.

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