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Wuhan promotes school district system

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The newspaper (reporter Cheng Moning Zou Yongning Mao Jungang) "I used to worry about choosing a school for my children. Now the famous schools are in full swing, and Dujiangyan Recruitment Network has no need for children to go to school." Recently, Wuhan Second Middle School Ms. Yu, the mother of Ajie, a student at Sheshan Campus, said happily.

In September last year, Wuhan High Quality Junior Middle School Wuhan Second Middle School was introduced into the Laoshan area to establish a campus, filling a gap in high quality junior high school there. Now, students in Sheshan can enjoy high-quality educational resources at their mouth.

The total amount of primary and secondary education resources in Wuhan is sufficient, but high-quality resources are still scarce. How to promote the full bloom of high-quality compulsory education resources? Wuhan promoted the school district system to make the "education cake" bigger and better, and handed over its own answer sheet.

According to Xu Dingbin, Education and Work Committee of Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, Wuhan takes school district production as a breakthrough to promote the high-quality and balanced development of compulsory education in the city. It binds "weak schools" and "strong schools" into one school district, and exchanges principals and teachers across schools and classes, as a whole Assess teaching quality. At present, there are a total of 738 compulsory education schools participating in the school district system management, of which 422 are in the central urban area. The proportion of implementing school district management is 99.53%; the proportion of remote districts implementing school district management is 68.25%.

Xu Dingbin said that the school district system is not "cutting peaks and filling valleys", but "running peaks and filling valleys." For example, Wuhan Hanyang District has established 7 school districts based on the principle of “Famous Schools Leading” and “relatively close”. Each school district has one central school and four to seven schools. The principal of the central school serves as the school district head, and each school district has an inspector. . Jiang'an, Wuchang and other districts have also adopted school district systems such as "custodianship of famous schools" and "joint schooling" to achieve group development and achieve district balance.

"Jointly running a school is not just to run a pilot class, but to create a new brand school." Hui Xinyi, principal of Wuhan Qiyue Middle School, introduced that when forming the "dijiao campus" team, the school identified an "old school" The youth team combines "advanced education, rich educational experience, and full of vigor and energy".

The prestigious school group is another form of school district system, which can quickly "graft" high-quality educational resources. Changping Talent Network . Hongshan District is dominated by prestigious schools such as the Chinese Teachers ’Primary School, and uses“ famous schools to run new schools, and famous schools with weak schools ”as a means to form several groups of weak schools to manage interoperability, teacher interaction, and resource sharing. There are famous teachers everywhere.

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