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Can't let private education and training institutions grow

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Two educational training institutions-Giant Times Education Consulting Co., Ltd. and Synopsys Training School have been exposed as "boss running". Most of them paid self-study training fees ranging from 10,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan, and they did not complete the exam and got their diplomas. (The Beijing News, December 25)

It is understood that the business of the two education and training institutions is mainly based on the repetition of college entrance examination, college entrance examination, and foreign language training. Before the "run", both institutions were accused of "spotted" for promoting "no test package" and difficult refund. Among them, Giant Times Education Consulting Co., Ltd. Xicheng Branch has been revoked in December 2011. Synopsys was canceled by the education department at the end of 2016 due to illegal school running and disorderly teaching management. However, Xinsi is still recruiting and running schools in violation of regulations this year.

It is not uncommon for private education and training institutions to "run", especially in the field of primary and secondary training. In September this year, the well-known piano training institution Xingkong Qinxing suddenly closed more than 60 stores in nearly ten cities nationwide without prior notice. "Running" is perhaps the most unbearable performance of private education and training institutions. With the market booming and supervision not keeping up, the entire industry is showing chaos and growth. Scandals related to false propaganda, non-learning, confusion in fees, and poor teachers are constantly emerging.

The opposite of market chaos is the embarrassment of regulation. The education and training industry has a huge market. According to statistics, the market size of extracurricular training institutions in primary and secondary schools alone exceeds 800 billion yuan, and the number of students participating exceeds 137 million. And more than 95% of the share is occupied by a large number of small and medium-sized institutions, the market is "large and scattered." Many education and training institutions have incomplete certificates and licenses, and have used policy enforcement loopholes to register in the industrial and commercial department in the name of education consulting, etc. They do not have school qualifications, but they are engaged in education and training.

The author recently participated in the "National Management Workshop for Private Training Institutions" organized by the Chinese Educational Society, and deeply felt the current situation in which local education departments had a strong desire to regulate private education training institutions but were unable to do so. At present, there is a lack of specific laws on how to supervise private education and training institutions. When formulating specific implementation methods, local governments can only extend the relevant policies and regulations of private schools in conjunction with local actual conditions. In addition to the lack of adequate policy and legal support, there are also problems including unclear division of responsibilities, insufficient staffing, and lack of enforcement power.

In the face of a huge market with hundreds of billions of participants, hundreds of millions of participants, and the vital interests of tens of thousands of households, the relevant departments can't ignore it, but it is really difficult to manage it.

The supervision of private education and training institutions may seem like an old problem, but it is actually a new problem. There is no precedent to follow, and the development of private education and training industries in different places is not the same. In the absence of a top-level design, localities cannot rely on waiting, and must actively explore and dare to show their sword in light of the development of the local private education and training market.

Taking Chengdu as an example, the city has established a joint law enforcement team consisting of the Education Bureau, the Market Supervision Bureau, etc. to carry out joint law enforcement to centrally manage issues such as unlicensed school running, false propaganda, hidden safety hazards, and illegal events. In addition to clearing up issues left over from history, many departments also jointly issued guidelines for setting up training standards for private training institutions. On some core issues, a clear red line was drawn to provide a basis. For example, an education consulting company that is clearly registered with the business sector does not require pre-licensing, but cannot engage in education and training.

Standardizing the management of private education and training institutions urgently requires top-level design. First of all, it is necessary to accelerate the improvement of relevant policies and regulations, and clarify the nature, status and management norms of off-campus training and education. Secondly, we need to improve the supervision system of the private education and training industry, and clearly classify and manage different types of training institutions. The education department belongs to the education department, the business department belongs to the business department, and the cultural department belongs to the cultural department. Strengthen the cooperation between industry and commerce, education, civil affairs and other departments. In addition, industry self-discipline should be increased, especially the role of industry associations and third-party professional assessments, and support for the private education and training industry to establish industry associations, establish industry supervision and protection mechanisms, and introduce third-party assessments as a profession of industry supervision and law enforcement Based on this, so as to regulate the behavior of institutions. Fu'an Talent Network . Neijiang Talent Network

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