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Let dreams bloom——Comment on the image ambassador of the Youth Beauty Web Contest

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In order to further respond to the call, implement the policy of promoting cultural development and prosperity, show the youthful style of contemporary Chinese students, cultivate the aesthetic orientation of contemporary Chinese students, and enhance the brand influence of the Youth Beauty Online Literature Competition. In view of the previous image ambassador The effective social response and positive energy caused by the evaluation of the exhibition has been studied and decided by the organizer to continue to hold the evaluation activity of the image ambassador of the Youth Beauty Network Literature Contest.

This image ambassador ’s exhibition evaluation activity has increased the publicity methods and platforms of TV prose and online micro-movies. The contestants who stood out in this image ambassador ’s exhibition evaluation activity can print their personal image on youth in the same way as in previous years. The posters, brochures and collections of the Meiwen Internet Literature Contest are held on three websites hosted by the organizer: the China Arts and Crafts Club website, the China Century Collection website, and the Xingyao China Talent Contest website. After the end of the exhibition, the evaluation process and results will be made into news topics. In addition to scrolling on major websites, you can also be invited to participate in the 15th China Century Collection Awards held in May 2015 and will have the opportunity to The organizer plays an important role in filming TV essays and micro movies. Since the 5th World Youth Chinese Literature Network Literature Contest was held in September, it has received a lot of excellence. The genre is mostly prose and poetry. It has concentrated on the contemporary Chinese students' style and full of positive energy. The work has been publicized and promoted. The organizer decided to make some of the outstanding works with professional actor dubbing and image ambassadors into TV essay works. On major and online platforms, the best works will be promoted and promoted to the greatest extent. . In addition to the traditional genres of poetry, prose, communication, reportage and other works, the 5th Youth American Literature Online Literature Contest has also set up a micro-film script to further explore outstanding video talents among college students. Since the contest was held in September 2014, A total of more than 500 outstanding micro-film scripts have been received. The organizer decided to include outstanding scripts that fit the times and positive energies, and invited playwrights and image ambassadors to participate in the creation of micro-films to further enhance the influence of outstanding works. And radiant surface. The website of the China Literature and Art Club, the organizer of the Youth Beauty Network Literature Contest, was launched in 2004. It has matured for ten years and has accumulated a large number of artists and writers' resources. It is a good platform for literary and artistic exchanges. The talented and talented Chinese have established archives and personal homepages for publicity and archiving. This selection of image ambassadors will appeal to many outstanding artists to contribute their wisdom and experience, and provide suggestions for the shooting of TV essays and micro-films. , And set up a database and personal webpage for this selected image ambassador by using his excellent platform, and promoted with many artists. One of the organizers of the Youth Beauty Network Literature Contest, the China Century Grand Cultivation Organizing Committee was established by Comrade Gao Zhanxiang, Minister of Culture in 2000 under the call of the then central leadership comrade, and has continued to this day. It has been successfully held for fifteen years, Simayi Amat, Lei Jieqiong, Wang Guangying, Cheng Siyuan, Buhe, Zhang Siqing, Timur Dawamat, Bai Lichen, Wanguoquan, Wang Wenyuan, Abdu Rexiti, Lu Jiaxi, Fu Tieshan, etc. Continuing care and support with national leaders, Meiwen will host the 15th Anniversary Celebration of the Chinese Century in May 2015. The selected young ambassadors of the American language will be invited as special guests to participate in this large-scale celebration and appear on the stage. Speak.

"Collect China" is a comprehensive full-color publication published by the 16th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party of China. It was launched in 2013. This time, joining the youth literature online literature contest host camp, it will open a special edition of the youth beautiful internet literature contest for 12 consecutive periods. Excellent, published by U.S.A. and published nationwide. The business organizer and sole advertising agency of this event, Century Caifeng Cultural Development Center, will use its accumulated shooting experience, shooting materials and relationships to take charge of the specific preparation of the operation of TV essays and micro-films. The selection of image ambassadors contributes. Students who have self-confidence in their own image and temperament, and are willing to participate in this "Youth Bloom, Dream Set sail-The Fifth World Chinese Student Youth Beauty Network Literature Contest Image Ambassador Selection Activity", can submit their resume (not less than 500 words), contact information and standard photo (white one-inch crownless), ten art photos, ten life photos, email to the event mailbox, the title of the message, please indicate: image ambassadors participate in the evaluation.

In addition, the organizers jointly discussed that a poster design competition will be held during this image spokesperson evaluation process, requiring the micro-signal QR code, the full name of the event to be "World Chinese Student Youth Literature Network Literature Contest", and "Become famous soon." "Zhang Ailing" design entered. Specifications 50cm73.7cm, 300dpi, unlimited hue, unlimited style, the poster is shown below, for more details, please pay attention to WeChat consultation. (The above contents are published or reproduced by the website for corporate promotional information. The related information is only for the purpose of publicity and transmission of more information. It does not represent the views of this website, nor does it mean that this website agrees with the views or the authenticity of its content.

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