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May Day holiday hot words inventory: "New tourism regulations" cited hot discussion on "consumption" when

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On May 3, a special newsletter (reporter Zhang Zizheng) this year ’s May Day holiday, “labor holds up the Chinese dream” led the grand narrative of the country, and “earthquake relief” once again demonstrated the role of the Chinese people, with a steady stream of positive energy, but “consumption”, “people and people”, etc. Holidays and road safety also need urgent attention.

[Labor holds up the Chinese dream]

"No matter how the conditions of the times change, we must always respect labor and respect the workers, and always attach importance to the role of the working class and the majority of the working masses. This is the significance of our commemoration of the International Labor Day today."

On April 28th, the General Staff of the CPC Central Committee fully affirmed the role of the working class and the majority of the working people in building the country during the May 1 International Labor Day and the National Workers Model and Advanced Workers Conference. The Chinese Dream. " This conference is also 36 years later, and China once again honored the national model workers and advanced workers with the highest standards-in the name of the State Council, to the working class and the broad masses of workers.

Strong Chinese dream, beautiful working people. A new round of tide is beginning to flourish. Chinese laborers will certainly be able to support the Chinese dream with hard work, honest labor, and creative labor, and engraving the glorious mark of labor creation on the realization of the great revival.

【Earthquake Relief】

One week after the "25th" earthquake in Nepal, the latest statistics on May 2nd showed that the strong earthquake has killed more than 6,600 people, injured more than 14,000 people, and destroyed at least 600,000 houses in Nepal. Precious cultural relics and historic sites were damaged. At present, food and drinking water supplies are urgently needed in disaster-stricken areas. Rescue forces from many countries, including China, are rushing to help, and they are fighting alongside Nepalese people on the front line of disaster relief.

At the same time, affected by the strong earthquake in Nepal, more than 10 counties, such as Nielam, Geelong, and Tingri in Shigatse, were also affected to varying degrees, including casualties of workers, damage to houses, and deaths of livestock. Thanks to the efforts of all parties, the earthquake relief work progressed in an orderly manner, and loving care was pouring into the disaster area, and production and life in the disaster area gradually recovered.

Big love knows no borders. Even when there are mountains and mountains, there is no warmth between people. As long as everyone is united, we can win this tough battle of earthquake relief.

[New tourism regulations]

The two new tourism regulations, "Specifications for Pre-departure Services for Travel Agencies," and "Specifications for Guided Tour Guides to Guide Civilized Tourism," came into effect on May 1. The new rules not only make it clear that tour guides need to remind tourists about the requirements of laws and regulations, customs and taboos during travel. It was also suggested that tour guides can report tourists with serious social ethics, violations of laws and regulations, bad influences and serious consequences to the tourism authorities through travel agencies, and include them in the "records of uncivilized behavior of tourists" after verification by the tourism authorities.

Some travel agencies report that tour guides lack the motivation to report uncivilized travel and rarely report customers voluntarily, not to mention the lack of specific punishment for uncivilized travel. Experts believe that only by amending the tourism law or further interpreting the tourism law can future penalties be enforced.

Civilized tourism is a gradual process. The significance of reporting and recording lies in the warning effect of typical cases. In the process of promoting civilized tourism, soft guidance for long-term education is as important as hard constraints.


On the first day of the May Day holiday, a video of "tourist tourists in Yunnan" caught the attention of netizens. In the video, the guide bluntly dissatisfied with the low consumption of shopping by tourists in their group, and even language tourists. The Yunnan Tourism Development Commission stated that the incident did not occur during the May Day holiday. The tourism law enforcement department had already understood and filed an investigation on the eve of the holiday. According to the video, problems such as shopping, language use, and poor service attitude are indeed accelerating. Incident investigation.

Experts believe that such market chaos has been repeatedly banned, reflecting that the current penalties mainly based on economic fines have not been effective. While increasing the intensity of economic penalties, the tourism credit mechanism has been improved. Once verified, it will not be allowed to enter for several years The industry.

It is worth noting that since last year, Yunnan has been repeatedly "black tour guide" tourist incidents. Why do tourist provinces frequently experience incidents of tourists being quilted, and why does the regulatory mechanism fail to keep up with market changes? Relevant departments urgently need to make reflections and efforts, otherwise scenic spots will pay a heavy price in the tourism market with feet voting.

[Crowd of people]

During the small holiday, high-speed buses across the country ushered in peak travel. According to reports, the first day of the long holiday was heavily congested, with congestion lasting more than 10 hours. Some import and export of Ningbo Expressway had to take temporary closure measures to avoid more traffic on the expressway. Under the congestion, many rear-end incidents occurred. Netizens have talked about "blocking madness" and "walking dogs on high speeds to relieve their worries."

Throughout the holidays, the friends who were traveling were either blocked or crowded in the scenic area. On May 1st, the reception volume of eight 5A scenic spots in Hubei Province rose directly to saturation; Pingshun Gorge Scenic Spot in Changzhi, Shanxi Province has also "exploded," and netizens lamented that "the queue was only one and a half hours before I bought tickets, but it was difficult due to the large number of people Walk and eventually give up. "

The broken bridge became a "ren bridge", and Zhouzhuang became a "ren village". This long vacation, the popular scenic area was once again surrounded by people. Obviously, there is still a long way to go to guide reasonable arrangements for travel.

[Traffic accident]

On the 1st, a traffic accident in which a van collided with a large truck rear-end collision in the Shaoyang section of the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway caused eight deaths and one injury. On the 2nd, Tianjin Jinqi Gong collided with two vehicles, causing 10 deaths and 3 injuries. The two traffic accidents brought grief to the small holiday and also warned that public safety issues should not be tolerated.

Just as "Hain" said: behind every serious accident, there must be 29 minor accidents, 300 threatened attempts, and 1,000 accident hazards. I hope relevant departments can find out the accident as soon as possible, carefully summarize the cause of the incident, and always sound the alarm of public safety.

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