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Tai'an and Transportation Joint Law Enforcement Strictly Checks Tourist Car Charters in Scenic Spots

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Taishan News (correspondent Zuo Xiaolong Gong Wei) During the May Day holiday, tens of thousands of tourists visited Tai'an every day, and many of them took tour chartered cars. In order to ensure the safety of tourists travelling, the Taishan Scenic Brigade and the Transportation Management Office of the Municipal Transportation Bureau launched a four-day joint law enforcement operation for the comprehensive management of tourist chartered cars from April 30 to May 3. The department focuses on checking the safety status of the vehicle and the status of the driver's license, and the transportation department focuses on checking the business behavior of the vehicle contractor and the qualification of the driver. Through the governance, a number of illegal acts were investigated, the hidden dangers of the accident were eliminated, and the safety of tourists was eliminated.

The two units agreed that joint enforcement action would become the norm and that centralized governance would be carried out every major holiday.

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