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Japan Hakone Mount erupts alert escalation

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[Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to "Wen Wei Po" on May 7th, the risk of volcanic eruption in Hakone, a famous hot spring area in Japan, has further increased. The Japan Meteorological Agency announced on the 6th that the alert level of the Hakone Mt. This is the first time in the region since the implementation of the alert system in 2009.

It is reported that the famous spot in the Hakone Mountains, Owakudani, has been completely closed. Residents within a radius of 300 meters need to be evacuated, and the Hakone Ropeway passing through the Owakudani is also suspended. Hakone is one of the most popular places for Chinese tourists to go to Japan. The area will have to change the itinerary for tour groups departing in the next few days.

According to Kyodo News Agency, a total of 116 volcanic earthquakes were observed on the 5th, the highest on record. The Meteorological Agency official pointed out that compared with the previous multiple earthquakes that occurred near Hakone Mountain, the 5th earthquake was larger in scale and the source was deeper, reflecting that there may be anomalies in the ground. Officials said no signs of a major eruption had been found in Hakone, but there was a possibility of a small-scale eruption or large-scale eruption flying to the surrounding area, calling for vigilance.

The hiking trails within a 3 km radius of the Taichung Valley have been closed before. On the 6th, the entry range was extended and the access to the Taichung Valley was suspended. The Hakone Ropeway that connects the early Yunshan to Taoyuan Terrace and passed the Taichung Valley was temporarily suspended, and the bus was temporarily diverted.

According to reports, Tong Guoquan, executive director of Dongyouyou, said that there are sulfur and hot spring spots in the Taichung Valley area, but they are only for tourism. He revealed that tour groups departing from now until May 8 will not pass through the address. Only a group of 33 people who departed on May 9 would have arrived in Owakudani. The itinerary has been cancelled and it has been changed to Hakone. Lake Ashi sightseeing.

Yuan Zhenning, executive director of Zongyou Tour, said that in May, eight groups will visit the Hakone Mountains, and the Japanese side has not closed the road passing through the Hakone Mountains because of the increased alert level. However, travel agencies are ready. If the volcanic eruption level increases or there is a large shock, they will cancel all arrangements to the west of Tokyo and dip hot springs for the tour group passing through the Hakone Mountains, and stay in the center of Tokyo instead. At present, there are four tour groups that pass through Hakone Mountain in Japan, and are not affected by the alert for the time being. The travel agency received sporadic enquiries, but no one has requested them for the time being.

Mount Hakone is a composite active volcano composed of multiple volcanic lavas. The highest point is 1,438 meters above sea level. Since the eruption of the 13th century, there have been no large-scale eruption. Small-scale mass earthquakes and eruptions have occurred from time to time. Some analysts believe that the rapid increase in alert level this time was due to the sudden eruption of Yuyue Mountain last year, which caused serious casualties. (Intern Editor: Li Zizhen Review: Tan Liya)

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