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Free WIFI coverage in 3 or more tourist attractions in Yantai, Shandong

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Recently, the Office of Yantai City issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of Tourism", which provides guidance on tourism in the city in terms of promoting tourism integration, promoting smart tourism cities, and improving the level of rural tourism development. The "Opinion" points out that by 2020, the city's total tourism consumption will reach 110 billion yuan, and the per capita travel of urban and rural residents will reach 5 times per year, and the added value of the tourism industry will account for 6% of GDP.

Free WIFI coverage in key tourist attractions

As the first batch of pilot cities for smart tourism in China, the construction of Yantai Smart Tourism City has been progressing steadily. The "Opinions" pointed out that Yantai should realize the integration of smart services, smart marketing and smart management in the travel industry as soon as possible. Promote the construction of smart tourism demonstration zones. This year, the city's key tourist gathering areas, three or more tourist attractions, and three-star or higher restaurants will basically achieve full wireless network coverage. Comprehensively promote the construction of tourism websites, improve the central management platform for smart tourism, and gradually realize the immediate supervision of tourism enterprises.

At the same time, it is necessary to improve tourism public service facilities, build tourism consulting and distribution centers, tourism consulting points and distribution service areas, develop car rental services, and achieve seamless connections between airports, stations, wharfs, etc. and city traffic. The city's high-speed public service areas shall standardize the construction of hotels, restaurants, shopping, refueling, toilets and other facilities, establish tourism consultation windows, encourage conditional service areas to build self-driving camps, and provide tourists with convenient tourist services. Reasonable layout and construction of tourist toilets and parking lots. Scenic spots and tourist resorts should comply with relevant standards. In 2015, the upgrade of tourist toilets will be fully completed.

Build 10 characteristic tourist towns in two years

According to the "Opinions", Yantai will fully implement the "Yantai Tourism City Overall Planning for the Development of Rural Tourism", carry out the creation of characteristic landscape tourism towns, villages and rural tourism demonstration units, and focus on creating a batch of historical and cultural, characteristic landscape and Agglomeration and other types of tourist towns and tourist villages with different features.

At the same time, we will accelerate the comprehensive improvement of rural tourism and improve facilities such as signage guidance, visitor service centers, toilets, sewage treatment, and water, electricity, and other facilities. Encourage the development of professional cooperatives in rural tourism, strengthen the standardization of rural tourism, and solidly promote the project of enriching people in rural tourism.

By 2017, 12 county-level urban and rural tourism areas will be built in each county and urban area. Conditional counties and urban areas will have more than 1 rural tourism resort area. The city will develop 10 characteristic tourist towns, 30 tourist characteristic villages, 1,000 rural tourism brand operators, creating Jiaodong Yujia, Wonderland and other rural tourism brands.

Strive for a 72-hour visa-free entry for foreign tourists

Yantai has won the title of "China's Best Leisure City" for many years. In recent years, the number of inbound tourists in Yantai, especially Japanese, Korean, and Russian tourists, has greatly promoted the development of the tourism industry in Yantai. The "Opinion" requires that Yantai should improve the level of inbound tourism development, strive to implement a 72-hour transit visa exemption for foreigners, optimize exit and entry services such as visa issuance and border inspections, provide visa and entry-exit convenience for foreign travelers, and strive to establish entry ports Duty Free Shop.

Around the "One Belt One" construction, a number of tourism products with international influence were launched. Cooperate with major travel agents in Korea, Russia, and other places to establish a tourism marketing consortium, establish a marketing promotion center, and hold a "Yantai Tourism Promotion Week". Optimize the cruise exit and entry policies, promote the construction of the cruise home port in Zhijiuwan Port, and establish a complete cruise supporting service system. By 2016, the number of entry and exit cruises will reach 50.

6 provincial-level original ecological tourism resorts to be built next year

Leisure and vacation tourism has become the most popular way of tourism right now. Yantai will compile the "Yantai City Leisure and Vacation Industry Development Plan" to develop cruise yachts, wine experiences, mountaineering, golf, water fishing, health care, hot spring skiing, RV tourism, low altitude Flight, study and other leisure and vacation products.

Do a good job in the development of nine provincial-level tourist resorts, and support Haiyang and Penglai to create national-level tourist resorts. Promote comprehensive island development, build sailing sailing competitions and recreational fishing demonstrations, and develop island tourism products. By 2016, the city will develop 6 provincial-level original ecological tourism scenic spots, build 20 characteristic leisure blocks, 5 old-fashioned shops and other specialty stores, and cultivate a group of leisure and entertainment centers and leisure complexes. Cultivate local cruise yacht and sailboat manufacturing enterprises, strengthen the core technology research and development of cruise yacht and key component manufacturing, and promote the development of cruise yacht production and manufacturing.

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