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Jiangxi will invest 3.8 billion yuan to improve tourist toilets in Lushan and other places

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China Jiangxi Net News reporter learned from the Jiangxi Provincial Tourism Development Committee that Jiangxi has launched the “Toilet Pioneer Action for Tourism” and this year plans to invest 380 million yuan in tourism new construction and reconstruction, including Lushan, Jinggangshan, Longhushan, Sanqingshan, and Tengwangge. Wait for 60 key scenic spots.

According to Wang Xiaofeng, director of the Tourism Development Committee of Jiangxi Province, according to the demand for receiving tourists, 5 and 4 scenic spots, national and provincial eco-tourism demonstration zones, and tourist resorts have been identified as the pioneer action units. At the same time, it will play its leading role in demonstration and build and rebuild 1,200 tourist toilets throughout the province this year, completing nearly 50% of the 3-year action plan.

In January this year, the National Tourism Administration put forward the "tourist toilet" for the first time, requesting the launch of a tourist toilet construction management operation nationwide. To this end, Jiangxi proposed a three-year action plan for the construction, reconstruction and expansion of 2,500 tourist toilets in the province. (Xinhua reporter Cheng Di)

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