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Ministerial Officer and Supervisor Reduced: No Books and Decent Papers

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Renmin University cancels some officials' part-time PhD positions

Yesterday, the Renmin University of China announced a plan saying that it will strictly control the admission ratio of in-service doctoral students including officials and entrepreneurs, and reduce the number of part-time mentors including provincial and ministerial officials.

Admission ratio of working doctoral students is controlled below 10%

Renmin University of China spokesman Wei introduced that the "Renmin University of China's Comprehensive Deepening of Doctoral Education Essentials" is the first sub-project of Renmin University's comprehensive deepening, and the comprehensive plan has been officially approved by the Ministry of Education in April this year.

The 19 measures involved include strict control of the proportion of doctoral students admitted. From this year on, the number of in-service personnel other than university teachers and researchers in scientific research units accounts for the total number of doctoral students admitted in the university, which must be controlled at 10%. the following.

"For the training of working doctoral students, there are many criticisms in the society, and indeed there are more officials and entrepreneurs." Wu Xiaoqiu, assistant president of the People's University of China and executive deputy dean of the graduate school, said that through various statistics, they found that working doctoral students, Especially if I am not in a scientific research unit, I have made very little contribution to the development of the discipline and rich literature.

Wu Xiaoqiu said that this year, 16% of doctoral students are accepted for in-service personnel who do not include researchers in research institutes and university teachers.

"Because there are no books and decent papers"

Wu Xiaoqiu introduced that in the past, the Humanities and Social Sciences Committee invited many people who are leaders in important departments and have a certain academic level to serve as part-time mentors. "Because they understand Chinese practice and policy making, they still play a role."

But as the goals and objectives of doctoral students have changed, this situation has also changed. "Like the reduction of working doctoral students, we have significantly reduced the number of part-time doctoral supervisors."

Wu Xiaoqiu said that whether a leading cadre can serve as a part-time Ph.D. supervisor depends on whether he has a doctorate degree and a thesis evaluation, so that they can accept the vote of the school academic committee like other professors.

"Some people are big officials, but the academic committee has not voted. Because there are no books and decent papers, and only speeches, we have reduced significantly. This is also one of our priorities this time." Wu Xiaoqiu said.

Wu Xiaoqiu told the Beijing News reporter that the cancellation of part-time Ph.D. qualifications includes some ministerial and deputy ministerial officials.

According to its introduction, part-time PhD supervisors have been reduced from about 150 to about 100.

Selection culture

Doctoral student basic education system changed to 4 years

Wu Xiaoqiu, assistant to the president of the People's University of China and executive dean of the graduate school, said that starting from the freshman of doctoral students in 2016, the basic education system of doctoral students at Renmin University will be fully changed to 4 years, which can be extended up to 6 years.

The entrance gate supports various colleges to implement the "application review system" for doctoral students. That is, candidates are required to submit existing research and scientific research plans when applying. The college and tutor group will collectively review and review the materials. Candidates who pass the review can enter the re-examination. stage.

The university believes that this is an attempt to focus too much on the shortcomings of scores in the "universal test" model, highlighting the assessment of candidates' academic level, morality and professional development potential, as well as the autonomy of academic evaluation by colleges and tutors in the admission of doctoral students. The system is currently being piloted in five departments.

After enrolling for doctoral studies, doctoral students will be encouraged and supported to go abroad for six months to one year of study or joint training, but doctoral students also face comprehensive subject examinations.

This test has the function of elimination. Wu Xiaoqiu said that this kind of comprehensive examination of disciplines is generally arranged at the end of the second semester and the beginning of the third semester of doctoral students. The main content is the core assessment content. The "rate" and the re-examination mechanism after failure will be determined by the college according to the characteristics of the subject.

Graduation reply

Student's dissatisfaction with thesis mentor will also be "interviewed"

Before applying for graduation defense, doctoral students need to publicly publish at least 2 academic papers related to the major. Specific standards are set by the college based on the characteristics of the discipline.

After submitting the dissertation, doctoral students will welcome the pre-defense newly launched this year. Wu Xiaoqiu said that generally two results will be given, one is to ask the student to postpone the defense, and the other is to propose amendments for the student to modify and then defend.

Before the formal defense, doctoral students must undergo blind review of the dissertation. "Each year, there is a blind review elimination rate of about 5%, that is, about 40 papers cannot enter the defense stage."

After the formal reply, a post-defense thesis sampling inspection system will be established to urge supervisors and students to improve the thesis effectively by "looking back".

If the student's dissertation has serious academic anomaly and the tutor fails to fulfill his responsibilities, Wu Xiaoqiu said that the interview system will also be adopted this time. "If the interview is continued for two consecutive years, the tutor recruitment will be suspended."

What kind of person can become a doctoral guide? Wu Xiaoqiu introduced that the conditions include a doctorate degree, an associate professor's title or higher, voting by academic committees, and the passing of scientific research and teaching assessment dissertation. It is selected every three years. It is worth noting that among the 707 PhDs in the university, the number of associate professors has increased to 54 people.

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