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Evening reading and freshman master's thesis fired his research on "Donkey Donkey"!

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Abstract Relax before bedtime, Xiao Bian to promote the following 4 news for you tonight: See also master's thesis popular! The research object this time was "Donkey Donkey"; never thought of it! Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd ’s daughter opened an online shopping store. Cerebral palsy candidates scored 598 points in the college entrance examination. They still could n’t write before the third grade of primary school.

See also the master's thesis became popular! The research object this time is "Donkey Donkey"

Recently, a master's dissertation entitled "On the Management and Use of Donkeys in the Tang Dynasty" was popularized. The author of the paper stated that the mentor felt that history should be viewed from a micro perspective. The last school sister wrote a dissertation on locusts, and the teacher said whether you want to study donkeys. For the academic significance of the thesis, he said that in the Tang Dynasty we rode donkeys, and in modern times we ride taxis ... more

never expected! Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's daughter opens online shopping store

Rudd and daughter. This morning, Lu Jiexi, the daughter of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, announced on his personal Weibo that he opened an online store to sell her and her daughter's "favorite treasure." Rudd then forwarded the support and called it "good." The reporter checked and found that the online shop is mainly engaged in purchasing baby products. Details

Candidates with cerebral palsy have 598 points in the college entrance examination and still cannot write before the third grade

Xu Yongchen was born with cerebral palsy due to his mother's difficulty giving birth. 18-year-old boy Xu Yongchen took the college entrance examination this year and scored 598. Xu Yongchen was born with cerebral palsy due to his mother's difficulty giving birth. Dad Xu said, "Children won't write before the third grade." Now, Xu Yongchen is looking forward to being accepted into the university. If he can be admitted to the university, he will have to master and doctorate. Details

On the Guangzhou-Shenzhen train, the warm man takes care of little loli

Recently, a netizen revealed that a warm scene appeared on a train from Guangzhou to Shenzhen a few days ago. Netizens said that a little girl in the car kept crying, and the boy next to him took off his hand and gave it to the little girl. The little girl suddenly changed her style and did not cry, it was sweet and warm! After this group of photos with love was taken, "Warm Men" quickly became popular on the Internet, and the number of fans soared to more than 220,000. Netizens praised him, "Besides, there are face value and positive energy." Details

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