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Announcement on Call for Papers of World Yongchun Baihequan Conference

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Hosted by the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China, the people of Fujian Province, and organized by the Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and the people of Quanzhou City, the 14th Asian Art Festival will be held in Quanzhou in November 2015, during which the World (Yongchun) Baihequan will be held in Yongchun The conference forum discussion activities will further the Yongchun Baihequan traditional martial arts culture and build the Baihequan culture brand. Bai Hequan's dissertation is solicited. The specific matters are as follows:

I. Contents of the thesis

Theme: Baihequan and fitness health, related to the history, origin, development, skills of Baihequan, exploration of the source of Shaolin Temple in Yongchun, etc.

Deadline for submission

Until 18:00 on August 31, 2015

Item settings

First class 1 gold 10,000 yuan

6,000 yuan each for second-class 3 theses

3,000 yuan each for 5 third-class gold

Excellent 10 gold each 1,000 yuan

At that time, the organizer will assemble and publish the papers. Those who have not been selected but have been selected will be paid separately.

Fourth, the review method

An expert review committee will be established to review the submissions. During the forum, the results will be announced, and certificates and gold will be issued.

V. Other matters

1. The organizer owns the collection of publications, exhibitions, publicity, etc. (there is no additional payment for manuscripts), and the author has the right to sign.

2. Have your own unique views and opinions, and take responsibility for your own responsibilities.

3. The word limit of the paper is 5000-10000 words, which will always be sent to the mailbox as a word document.

Discussion Group of World (Yongchun) Baihequan Forum

June 19, 2015

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