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University of Science and Technology thesis published in the journal

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Shenzhen Special Zone News (Reporter Qin Xiaoyan) Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Southern University of Science and Technology that the latest research of the research group of Professor Wang Huaiqing and Assistant Professor Chen Yi of the school——Thesis on "Design Theory of Securities Market Supervision System", published on "Management Information Journal of Management.

This research solves the problem that traditional market surveillance systems are difficult to supervise unstructured market information. From the perspective of design science, based on effective market hypothesis theory and text understanding theory, this paper proposes a framework for designing a new market surveillance system based on common sense knowledge. theory. This theory provides the basis for developing a comprehensive market supervision system under big data. The research team also developed a prototype system under the theoretical framework and tested it in the securities regulatory department. The experimental results show that the market surveillance system developed under the guidance of this theory has a greater improvement in finding suspicious transactions than traditional methods.

It is understood that Chen Yi is the corresponding author of the paper and Wang Huaiqing is a collaborator. This research is a joint research project between Southern University of Science and Technology and City University. "Management Information System" was first published in 1984 and is one of the top three international information systems. According to the information compiled by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, as of 2014, the number of articles published by Chinese scholars as main authors (first authors or corresponding authors) in this journal was only seven, accounting for 1.64% of the total number of articles in the journal. For the fields of management science and engineering and business administration.

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