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Students devote themselves to studying Changyang Nanqu's graduation thesis defense

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(Changjiang Daily reporter Li Jia correspondent Li Qiming) learned yesterday that a special video thesis defense was held at Wuhan Conservatory of Music last week. As one of the judging experts, Zhou Yun, the head of the school's music department, participated in the student's master's thesis defense through video because the student's topic was about Hubei Tujia music. Zhou Yun introduced that Zhang Shaochun, a student from September 2013 to July 2014, came to the Department of Music of Wuhan Conservatory of Music to study and study for one year as an exchange student at Tainan University of the Arts. She developed a keen interest in traditional music culture, and chose a characteristic music type, "Changyang Nanqu" in Changyang Tujia Autonomous County, Hubei Province as the research object for her master's thesis.

The teachers and apprentices also went deep into the Ziqiu Tujia area of Changyang to conduct field investigations, and found Changyang Nanqu folk artists. They listened to them and struck and made strings. They collected and collected rich first-hand research materials. An Analysis of the Conservation and Development of Traditional Music Culture from the Perspective of Intangible Cultural Heritage——A Case Study of Changyang Nanqu of the Tujia People in Hubei Province.

This thesis also discusses the problems and possible improvements in the preservation and development of traditional music culture ("non-heritage") in China from the perspective of students, and puts forward her own opinions and opinions. The mentor Zhou Yun commented highly on this thesis. The jury finally agreed with Zhang Shaochun's defense and gave excellent results.

Zhou Yun introduced that Changyang Nanqu has been listed as a national intangible cultural heritage and is a "fossil" of Chinese music, as it dates back to the Tang Dynasty. The Southern Song of the Tang Dynasty, which is known as the "silk string", is famous for its quaint strings and long history. This kind of music is singing and dancing with the Tujia people under the seal of the Tujia mountains. It has been passed down to the present in the national character.

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