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Literary theorist Tong Qingbing died of a heart attack and directed a master's thesis of Mo Yan

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Beijing News (Reporter Hou Runfang) At around 10:30 pm on June 14, Yu Dan posted a microblog saying that Beijing Normal University's literary and artistic leader Tong Qingbing died at the age of 79. The Beijing News reporter was informed that Mr. Tong Qingbing died of a heart attack at about 6 pm on the 14th. The meeting will be held on the 18th at the Babaoshan Funeral Home.

According to Professor Li Chunqing, director of the Literary and Art Research Center of the Normal University, Tong Qingbing had a heart attack two years ago and had several heart stents. He has been recovering well since then.

Li Chunqing said that Tong Qingbing likes to exercise. When he was healthy in the past, he would go to Xiangshan every week. Recently, Mr. Tong Qingbing is in good health, and his gas is fine. Tong Qingbing also visited Yanqi Lake on the 13th, and suffered a heart attack when he descended from the Jinshanling Great Wall on the 14th. "The medical conditions over there are not very good. Teacher Tong died at about six in the afternoon."

It is reported that Tong Qingbing is a leading figure in the field of literature and art. He has pioneering research in the fields of basic literary thesis, literary and psychological research, and ancient Chinese literary theory. "Now more than 500 colleges and universities are using" Literary Theory Textbook "edited by Mr. Tong Qingbing Theory. This book is the best textbook of literary theory.

In addition to his achievements in literary studies, famous writers Mo Yan, Yu Hua, Yan Geling, and Chi Zijian are all Tong Qingbing students. It is understood that in 1987, the North Normal University and Lu Xun School of Literature jointly organized a postgraduate creative class. Tong Qingbing served as a class member and taught. "Mo Yan's master's thesis was directed by Mr. Tong," said Li Chunqing.

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