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Yan Liang Court invited the Research Office of the Intermediate People's Court to come to the hospital for training in dissertation writing

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On June 19, Gao Wei, Director of the Research Office of the Municipal Intermediate People's Court, and He Yukai, the Chief of the Investigation Section, were invited to the Yanliang Court to conduct training on the research and writing of the thesis. People attend training seminars.

During the training seminar, Chief He Yukai focused on the central topics of the 27th National Academic Papers Symposium of the National Court System, from how to choose topics, how to find the entry point of selected topics, and specific writing methods and skills. Detailed and serious guidance. Director Gao Wei pointed out the general problems of the papers submitted by Yan Liang Court, pointed out the common problems, and combined with his writing experience, he put forward constructive writing opinions and opinions.

Vice President He Jianqiang, on behalf of the entire Yan Liang court, thanked Gao Wei and Chief He Yukai for their training and guidance. For the research work of the thesis, Vice President He Jianqiang put forward three requirements. First, we must attach great importance to the research work of theses. The dissertation investigation is the accumulation of trial experience, which has important guiding significance for the trial work. The whole hospital, especially young people, must overcome the time conflict between work and writing, learn more and think more about writing, and strive to write high-quality articles. The second is to strengthen communication paper exchanges. In the work, if you have good ideas and thoughts, you should consult and exchange with the teachers in the Research Office of the City Intermediate People's Court in a timely manner. Through communication and exchange, you can broaden your horizons and rationalize your thoughts. The third is to do a good job in organizing theses. The office should do a good job in organizing and safeguarding the work, soliciting relevant papers on time, providing necessary documentation for writing thesis, and strictly implementing the "Opinions on Further Promoting Research and Investigation Work" of Yan Liang Court. "Everyone loves to write", a good research atmosphere, to lay a theoretical foundation for improving the execution of trials.

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