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Post-80s Village Teachers' Scientific Research: Publishing Academic Papers and Publishing Higher Mathematics Monographs

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"This book can be used as an introductory reading material or as a textbook for engineering mathematics in colleges and universities." Recently, a higher mathematics book "Laplace transform and its application" published by the Technical University Press has officially appeared, and a professor at the Technical University In the preface of the book, Liu Peijie said that in the past, such books have been excessively pursuing the abstractness and simplicity of mathematics. The author of this book, Fu Yunjin, has a unique visual, simple, natural, and practical.

Fu Yunjin was a math teacher at Xiaozhang Primary School in Luxi County, Hunan Province. He was born in 1988. In the past 4 years, he has published 11 mathematical academic papers in national journals of universities and 13 others.

University loves mathematics research

Fu Yunjin was born in a poor rural family in Luxi County, western Hunan, and has done well in school since childhood. In 2007, with a love of mathematics, he chose to study mathematics education at the Faculty of Science, Hunan University of Technology.

In college, Fu Yunjin almost never missed a class, especially "Mathematical Analysis", "Advanced Algebra" and "Spatial Analytic Geometry", which fascinated him, and also gave him an understanding of the current state of mathematical research and the state of mathematical education in China.

In his sophomore year, the teacher of Mathematical Analysis was replaced by Professor Yang Lingyun, head of the department. Yang Lingyun in the classroom teaching attaches great importance to thinking methods and creative thinking training, attaches importance to the combination of academic research and teaching research teaching methods. At the beginning of the second semester of his sophomore year, Bishop Yang Lingyun's "Ordinary Differential Equations" also offered a course in "Mathematics Quality Education". Under the influence of Yang Lingyun, combined with his studies in the library, Fu Yunjin had a lot of doubts about the knowledge of "ordinary differential equations".

With the careful guidance of Yang Lingyun, Fu Yunjin completed his first thesis of his life —— "A New Approach to the Solution of First Order Linear Differential Equations" and submitted it to the Journal of Hunan University of Technology for publication in the first issue of the journal in 2010. Later, the paper was selected as the second best paper by the Hunan Provincial Mathematics Association Annual Conference and University Mathematics Symposium.

Encouraged, Fu Yunjin and Yang Lingyun co-authored "New Exploration of the Basic Solution of Linear Differential Equations dY / dx = A (x) Y" and "Laplacian Transformation with Parameters and Their Applications" Papers published in the first issue of the journal of Hunan University of Technology in 2011 and the first issue in 2012.

Conditions are unforgettable

After graduating from college, Fu Yunjin became a special teacher of primary school mathematics in the Lianglin School District of Fenghuang County. When I stepped into the school gate and saw a house with two wooden balconies supporting the balcony, Fu Yunjin's heart began to cool. Why did the school have such a dangerous room?

There is no office, and lessons and assignments are done at home. At the same time, books, periodicals are lacking, and there is no scientific research atmosphere. The accommodation is a house of 20 square meters, which is used for cooking, reading, preparing lessons, and rest. But no matter how bad the conditions were, he couldn't do his scientific research.

In early 2011, Fu Yunjin bought a computer to save money and connect to the school network. With the help of computers and the network, scientific research could continue.

But another problem also arises: small villages are using small hydropower, and even severe weather will cause power outages, even if there is a light rain. In addition, there is no post office in the area, and handwritten manuscripts are not convenient for mailing. These problems have seriously affected his thesis and communication. It takes at least one year or even longer to write a thesis from the beginning to the receipt of a sample book.

Once, when Fu Yunjin entered the article "Relationship of Matrix and Its Application", due to a sudden power outage due to rain, the article has not been saved yet, and all the entries must be restarted, which wastes a lot of time. Under such difficult conditions, he still sticks to the countryside, studying hard, studying hard, and compiling teaching materials.

In 2012, after many selections and considerations, he submitted his first paper after teaching to the Journal of Dali University. After a preliminary review by editors, anonymous external review by peer experts, final review by column moderators, re-reviews on the way, answers to questions from peer experts and editors, etc., it was shared for 13 months, and finally appeared in the fourth issue of Journal of Dali University 2013 published.

Fruitful research results

After ups and downs in scientific research, Fu Yunjin became an autonomous "learning-research" rural teacher, and he was intoxicated in scientific research. In the past 4 years, in addition to publishing more than 20 academic papers, he has also hosted one research project in elementary schools in Suixi County and participated in one research project at the provincial level.

While researching, Fu Yunjin did not forget his job. Since teaching, he has found many problems. In order to solve these problems, he combined his scientific research experience to expand the research direction to a new field-"Elementary Mathematics and Educational Theory and Its Applications". A lot has also been achieved. Through peer recommendation, in 2012, Fu Yunjin became a member of the National Inequality Research Society and a member of the Chinese Primary Mathematical Research Society.

Driven by hobbies, Fu Yunjin's scientific research has become longer and wider. At present, his research has involved the fields of elementary mathematics, analysis and its applications, differential equations, educational theory and its applications. He has also been rated as "National Excellent Teacher of Education in 2012", "Advanced Individual in National Basic Education Courses of 2013" and "National Model Teacher of Quality Education".

Fu Yunjin said, "As long as you have hobbies, strong perseverance, and confidence, you will be rewarded for whatever you do."

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