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Chinese students are invited to experience the local city tourist routes

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Original title: Chinese students studying abroad (course) were invited to experience the local city tour line on the day

According to the Japanese New Overseas Chinese Daily News, foreign tourists are currently one of the key consumer groups that many Japanese tourist cities pay attention to. In order to further deal with relevant issues and provide more appropriate and high-quality services for foreigners, Japanese cities also focus on working with local students. Carry out interactive exchanges and actively listen to foreign students.

According to Japan ’s NHK report, a few days ago, Sakurai City and the Overseas Education and Industry Bureau jointly established a tourism and tourism line that specially invited 3 international students from China and South Korea to experience it for themselves, and set up and service the line from the perspective of their foreign tourists. Wait for confirmation.

This tour line is about the tourism content of local characteristic industries. It is a tourism project specially set up by Sakurai City and the regional economic and industrial bureaus to further attract foreign tourists. In addition to shrines and ancient tombs, it is also included in Sakurai. The city participates in experiencing local well-known noodle making and production.

On the same day, international students from China and Korea experienced the production process of noodles for nearly an hour under the guidance and instructions of the person in charge of the experience facility.

After the event, Chinese students said that they were fortunate to be able to experience Japanese culture and industry in person. They were very happy and happy. They hope to convey this special experience and feelings to Chinese friends so that more friends can come and see for themselves. The heads of the Economic and Industrial Bureaus in recent years have expressed the hope that through this activity, they will actively listen to the suggestions of foreign students and make targeted improvements to better promote foreign tourists. Not only the charm of the cultural field, we also hope to include representative industries with historical traditions in such sightseeing packages. While improving the charm of tourism projects, we can be committed to local industrial revitalization and local economic development.

In order to further achieve the effect of publicity, in recent years, the Economic and Industrial Bureau has also set up a special website and columns to encourage international students to actively introduce the local tourism and tourist routes to their own countries, and to talk about the experience of international students on the website to promote and promote the local tourism culture charm. (Li Hao)

(China News Network)

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