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86% of returnees who study abroad have found a job within 6 months

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Original title: 86% of returnees who returned to China to find work within 6 months (pictured) 86% of returnees were able to find work within 6 months, indicating that most returnees have not become seafarers or leftovers. This is the figure published in the "2015 Study in China" released recently. Data show that the problem of returnees' employment difficulties is actually not prominent.

"New Return" has arrived

According to statistics from the Ministry of Education, the total number of Chinese students studying abroad in 2014 was 459,800, of which 21,300 were publicly funded by the state, 15,500 were publicly funded by the unit, and 423,300 were self-funded. In 2014, the total number of returnees of various types studying abroad was 364,800, of which 16,100 were sent by the state, 12,600 were sent by the unit, and 336,100 were studying at their own expense.

Compared with the statistical data of 2014 and 2013, the number of Chinese students studying abroad and returning to China have further increased. The number of students studying abroad increased by 45,900, an increase of 11.09%; the number of students returning to study abroad increased by 11,300, an increase of 3.20%.

From 19 years of study in 1978 to the end of 2014, the total number of various types of students studying abroad reached 3.518 million. By the end of 2014, there were 1.7888 million people studying abroad as overseas students, of which 1.0889 million were studying and researching at relevant stages abroad. Since then, the total number of returnees studying abroad has reached 1.8906 million, and 74.48% of them have chosen to return to China for development.

The largest proportion of returnees studying in the UK

Among returned international students, the number of returned students in the UK is the highest. Followed by the United States, South Korea, France, Japan, Singapore, and Russia.

In the past, people thought that the United States is the country with the most choices for Chinese students. However, due to the strict international employment policy of the United Kingdom, most British students must return to China after graduation. At the same time, one-year graduate students in the UK are attracting many Chinese students to study because of their short academic system and low time cost. The purpose is to increase the competitiveness of domestic employment. As for the students who choose and wait for moving, many people study abroad in order to achieve immigration eventually.

Returnees' employment advantage turns into disadvantage

However, there are also many problems in the returnee employment process. Most returnees are different from enterprise human resource managers in evaluation because of their superiority. Although returnees have many advantages, they will also show corresponding disadvantages in the specific employment process of enterprises.

"" Shows that in the eyes of enterprise human resource managers, the advantages of returnees are a broader vision (46.78%), more active thinking (19.54%), high level of foreign language (17.61%) and strong adaptability (16.07%). At the same time, the human resources managers of enterprises feel that the disadvantages of returnees are that they are very high (42.17%), too unstable and easy to change jobs (33.38%), blind self-confidence (20.70%), and poor teamwork ability (3.75%).

Half of returnees are difficult to integrate

For returnees, whether it is entrepreneurship or employment, the first problem is to relearn and adapt to the domestic situation. How to make use of the international thinking and perspectives, advanced technology, and skills that have been cultivated overseas, and to avoid affecting the development of the workplace because of "adversity to water and soil", will be an issue that returnees must consider.

"" Shows that more than half (53.80%) of returnees believe that it has been difficult to integrate into the country after returning home. This is the conflict between the modern way of thinking and the traditional Chinese view of humanities. Returnees can make full use of what they have learned and make use of the advantages of overseas education only if they have adjusted their status and found a way of working in the domestic workplace.

Returnee salary expectations are higher than reality

In the process of returning to China for employment, returnees have different expectations for salary. Among them, 33% expect a monthly salary of 3,000 to 5,000 yuan, 30% expect a monthly salary of 5,000 to 8,000 yuan, and even 8% of returnees expect a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan or less. This is the case. There is still a large discrepancy between the return salary and the expected salary of returnees: 38% think it is much lower, 39% think it is lower, and 1% think it is higher and much higher.

Faced with such a large group of students studying abroad, returnees have long since faded away from the "elite". The personal growth brought about by studying abroad is subtle in every aspect.

For employers, relevant experience is often more powerful than a diploma in the early stages of talent selection. If returnees pay too much attention to salary in the early days of returning to employment, they will miss many long-term development opportunities. In fact, after going through the adaptation period in the workplace, after entering the rising period, the competitiveness of returnees will be far greater than domestic graduates.

Most returnees work at the grassroots level

The job-level distribution of overseas returnees shows that 57.80% are at the grassroots level and 27.40% are at the middle level. At the same time, the time for returnees to return to study abroad is also different: 49% for 5 years and above, 11% for 4 years, and 18% for 3 years. Data show that the average annual salary of returnees in the first year was only 83,000 yuan, the second year reached 130,000 yuan, and the third year exceeded 320,000 yuan.

The cost of studying abroad has a long time to recover, and the employment of grassroots posts is very common among international students returning to work. However, judging from the changes in salary levels in the three years before returning to employment, the advantages of studying abroad are still very prominent. Therefore, the cost and benefits of studying abroad cannot be simply measured by the salary of the first few years after graduation. This is where the majority of returnees and students who plan to study abroad need to set their minds right.

Private enterprises are most optimistic about returnees

"" Shows that the nature of returnees' expected employment units is, in turn, wholly foreign-owned (30.38%), Sino-foreign joint ventures (26.28%), (9.40%), state-owned enterprises (9.31%), and private enterprises (4.20%). However, the nature of the actual returnee employment units is quite different: sole foreign investment accounts for 12.17%, Sino-foreign joint ventures account for 10.92%, 3.25%, state-owned enterprises account for 5.67%, and only private enterprises account for 51.58%.

Although most returnees expect to work in foreign-funded enterprises or Sino-foreign joint ventures, more than half of returnees will eventually work in private enterprises. This is a reflection of the unfamiliarity of returnees to the situation of domestic enterprises. Private enterprises are still the main force in the domestic employment market. Therefore, after returning home, returnees still need to work on "ground gas". (Reporter Zheng Yong)

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