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Study abroad after the college entrance examination: study abroad with college entrance examination results

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At the 2015 China Education Internationalization Symposium, Yu Jihai, deputy director of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange of the Ministry of Education, revealed that the Ministry of Education is promoting special work for China's college entrance examination results to be recognized abroad.

So, which countries and universities currently recognize our college entrance examination results? How high is the recognition? Xiaobian will take you to find out ...

Some colleges and universities in nearly 20 countries and regions recognize China's college entrance examination results

According to incomplete statistics, as of May 2015, China's college entrance examination results have been recognized by some universities in nearly 20 countries and regions, including the United States, South Korea, Japan, and Italy.

United States

At present, universities in the United States that accept applications for college entrance examinations include American universities, Illinois Institute of Technology, Brigham Young University, and Suffolk University.

American universities recently announced a new admission application program for Chinese college entrance examination students. Chinese high school students can apply for fall 2015 admission based on the results of the college entrance examination. Students who pass the college entrance examination and pass the school interview can be exempt from SAT and TOEFL (course) for undergraduate courses. Students can make reservations based on the college's past score line.

Except for universities, most colleges and universities recognize China's college entrance examination results. For example, University of Sydney, National University, Macquarie University, Western Sydney University, etc. In general, famous schools require students to achieve a score of 70% or more in the college entrance examination, and their language scores must meet the requirements. Students can use the college entrance examination results to go directly to the first year of undergraduate courses at prestigious universities such as National University and University of Sydney, saving time and money for preparatory studies.

Most schools recognize the results of college entrance examinations. Some schools, such as universities, the University of British Columbia, McGill University, and Queen's University, require the results of college entrance examinations. Some schools refer to the results of college entrance examinations when enrolling students.

Among the eight prestigious universities, Massey University has taken the lead in recognizing China's college entrance examination results. Students applying for these institutions must achieve at least 70% of the total score in the college entrance examination, and have an IELTS score of 6.5.

Most of the direct applications from prestigious schools this year have been closed. Students can study abroad as fast as possible from August to October through preparatory or expedited courses, and begin professional studies in the spring or fall next year.

United Kingdom

The University of the West of England and University of Dundee provide fast entry lines for students. As long as you complete the college entrance examination, IELTS score of 6 and high school score of 80% or higher, you can directly enter the undergraduate courses started in September this year. Generally speaking, senior high school students can only study a one-year foundation course before entering undergraduate degree. Students must submit their IELTS scores in August at the latest. Generally, 6 points are required. If the IELTS scores are lower, they only need to pass the school's internal language test to enter the school.


Italian universities involved in the Marco Polo Program and Turandot Program recognize the Chinese college entrance examination results, and France generally requires applicants to have a minimum college entrance examination score of 450 points. And they are all special discount programs for Chinese students. Especially for art students, Italy is simply paradise. Florence Academy of Fine Arts, Rome Academy of Fine Arts, Florence Conservatory of Music, Ferrara Conservatory, etc. . These public universities in Italy have a long history, are free of tuition, and offer generous tuition and bursary policies.

Degree of recognition of Chinese college entrance examination results by overseas institutions

, Singapore, South Korea: Countries that fully recognize China's college entrance examination results and use it as an important reference for selecting outstanding students.

For example: when applying to a college or university in Singapore, the higher the Chinese student ’s college entrance examination score, the better the school that can be applied for, and the wider the choice. South Korea also recognizes the results of college entrance examinations, good grades and scholarships.

France, Spain, Italy: China's college entrance examination results are basically recognized. At the same time, students are required to meet the specific requirements of universities in addition to the college entrance examination results.

For example, if you are studying at an art school in Italy, in addition to the college entrance examination results, you also need to provide the results of the art exam, including the art entrance exam and the results of the art colleges in China. Foreign countries generally require B1 level in French. For English majors, you need to pass the language test, and most schools have interviews. Before entering undergraduate courses in Spain, the level of Spanish must meet the requirements.

Netherlands: There are additional conditions that require Chinese candidates to be admitted to domestic universities.

For example: Yes, this becomes a prerequisite for applying to their university. In general, candidates are also required to complete one semester at "211" university or three semesters at an ordinary university.

Recognize college entrance examination results ≠ entrance examination results

Experts from studying abroad remind that the results of the college entrance examination are only one of the evaluation indicators for admission to foreign institutions. The recognition of college entrance examination results by foreign institutions does not mean that they can be used as admission results and directly enter the school. The college entrance examination results are only an indicator of the independent admission evaluation system of foreign institutions. When applying for colleges, you should also focus on the rigorous grades required by the colleges, such as language scores, SAT, international course scores, etc. Some universities will also conduct interviews and examinations. But it is undeniable that the recognition of the college entrance examination results will make it easier for domestic students to apply to study abroad.

Data source: daily newspaper, examination report

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