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Let's take a look at the study abroad plan I made for a junior child

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Saturday, 6/20/2015

Hangzhou Qing

Today is the Dragon Boat Festival. WeChat is full of allusions and greetings about this festival. I also learned a little: the greetings for Dragon Boat Festival should be "ankang" instead of "happy".

On the day in history, an old man voted, so this day should not be a time to greet others with happiness.

In the afternoon, I continued to meet with the parents in the meeting room. The entrance examination just announced the results of the candidates. The admission scores of the schools have not yet come out.

After tomorrow, it should be busy!

Classmate Zhang is planning to go abroad to study gcse next year. On the first day of this year, he has already taken part in my "pre-departure hosting center" after class.

Mom reflected: After coming here for a while, the child is willing to continue to study, hesitating to stop the school class in September this year or next February, come to study all day with me?

So, I also asked them to come and chat today.

I talked to the child first and listened to her thoughts: "I know that I need to continue with math and science. In school, I don't have time to learn other things I like. For example: music, art, my father hopes that I can Learning design, I now want to learn more about music ... "

"If I come in September, I don't know if my mother will agree?"

Soon, my mother arrived.

I told my mother, "The child's current situation and future development abroad require a longer-term plan, well-controlled balance, and targeted training for the child after the transition to overseas.

Plan A

The child will come to host in February next year for half a year, focusing on English and IELTS test learning;

At the same time, she continued to arrange supplementary lessons for math and science until she had completed all of the third and third grades. Then arrange weekends to supplement her in music and art. IELTS target 5.5. "

Plan B

The child will come to the pre-departure hosting center to study in September this year. In the morning, English, IELTS, mathematics and science will be completed to complete all three years of junior high school.

In the afternoon, arrange children's art, music theory, composition, instrumental music (guitar, piano) training, and fencing sports lessons; participate in choir performance rehearsals on weekends. Study abroad ... IELTS target 6 points. "

Difference between the two plans

Plan A is a basic situation suitable for any child studying abroad, and is mainly subject-oriented.

At the same time, English was supplemented to realize that not only did basic subjects be discarded, but English learning was also grasped before going abroad.

Plan B is more focused on the personality of the child and made important preparations for the child's future development.

In the case where the children's liberal arts and sciences are not strong, the children's desire to learn music and art has been fully respected and strengthened.

This is a more targeted plan for the child's smooth transition to the UK's "personalized" and "elite education" system, and to obtain educational opportunities suitable for her.

I often say: Every child is unique!

I hope that the children who come to me will have a greater chance to get more personalized education and training, which can also be regarded as my "return to the country" value manifestation!

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Chai Yin

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