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Candidates for 2016: Please raise your mouth 15 ¡ă today

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Candidates for 2016: Today, please raise your mouth 15

Source: Wendu Education

May 8 is World Smile Day, which is the only festival to celebrate the expressions of human behavior. This day of the year will become especially warm because of the smile, and the 2016 postgraduate party who entered the exhaustion period of May preparation exams. Don't let the pressure of learning make you optimistic about life. Give the postgraduate a smile from today. You will find All difficulties are nothing.

● Smile is a good medicine

Smile is not just a simple emoji, it can also have a lot of practical effects on our bodies and learning. Smiling first can strengthen your resistance and prevent flu and colds. Studies have shown that people can improve their physical resistance in a happy and active state of life, so smiling is also a prerequisite for good health. Second, smiling can make your mood happy and enhance your brain's memory. This is the easiest yet Quickly improve efficiency; Third, smile can effectively consume calories and reduce stress. When people smile or laugh, they can drive their muscles. More smiles can make us feel more relaxed, which can effectively reduce the nervousness of the graduate entrance examination.

● Smile is an affirmation of yourself

Smiling can increase self-confidence. In the postgraduate examination, we will experience negative emotions such as hesitation, confusion, disappointment, inferiority, etc. The root of these emotions is our unconfidence in ourselves. Because we are not confident, we do not believe that we can complete the long-term research; because we are not confident, we lack the ambition for success. Therefore, all professors may wish to get up in the morning to give a smile to the mirror and tell themselves: I can. Smiling for the postgraduate entrance examination is an affirmation of yourself. With this self-confidence, you can overcome all difficulties in the postgraduate entrance examination and move forward.

● Smile is a transfer of positive energy

In addition to having many effects on yourself, your smile can also bring positive energy to others. Postgraduate entrance examination is a process in which we encourage each other, promote each other, and make progress together. Therefore, if some of your fellow researchers are experiencing the trough of the postgraduate entrance examination, it is better to give them a smile every day and use the easiest way to pass on your encouragement to them. At the same time, this energy can also infect you, letting you understand that the difficulty is a paper tiger. As long as we adjust our mindset and look at the problem from another angle, we can come out of the haze of review and inject new ideas for the next review power.

Postgraduate candidates in 2016, stop smiling at you from today. You should not let your review become lifeless and lifeless. Life goes on every day, and difficulties come at any time. Why not give yourself and others a smile at this time, pass this simplest positive energy to every candidate, and then tell yourself aloud: I can!

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