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2016 Master's and Postgraduate Entrance Examination: Five Principles for Review of Professional Courses

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1. Study carefully the designated teaching materials.

The review of the law master course should be based on the teaching material, comprehensively and firmly grasp the textbook content, and review it around the textbook content. This is an essential review link.

Second, carefully analyze the test questions over the years.

Careful analysis of the previous year's test questions is of extraordinary significance. Therefore, careful analysis of test questions over the years and a good summary are very important for candidates to clarify the review direction, determine the scope and focus of the review, and prepare for the exam. The analysis of test questions should mainly understand the following aspects: the style of the proposition (such as the degree of difficulty, whether to focus on basic knowledge, application ability or ability to play, whether there are biases, difficulties, strange phenomena, etc.), the type of questions, the amount of questions, the scope of the test, Distribution of points, focus of examination, focus of examination, etc. Candidates can review and prepare according to these characteristics, and the results must be quite good.

Third, a combination of comprehensive review and key review.

The so-called comprehensive review means that candidates should have a comprehensive grasp of the contents of the teaching materials when reviewing the business examination and research courses, and cannot subjectively guess which content to test and which content to not test. When reviewing, you should take a correct attitude to comprehensively review, comprehensively grasp, grasp the basic concepts and basic knowledge, establish the relationship between the knowledge points, form a complete knowledge system, and treat each knowledge point with a comprehensive and holistic concept, so that it can be integrated. , Comprehensive, accurate, solid, and in-depth grasp of teaching materials. The entrance examination questions cover a wide range, not only to examine the key points and hotspots, but also to examine some secondary and remote knowledge points. Candidates must review thoroughly. The so-called key review refers to investing more time and energy on important concepts and theories on the basis of comprehensive review, and strive to be proficient and flexible, instead of grasping eyebrows and beards, regardless of priority. The main content is the main examination object of the postgraduate entrance examination, and the score is extremely high.

Fourth, the learning method of professional course materials.

First clear out the chapters and structure of each book so that you have the overall picture, and then start taking notes. Do not copy all of the notes, summarize and summarize the contents of the book according to the question type. You can go to some professional training institutions in Fashuo, such as New Oriental, etc. who have many years of training experience.

Fifth, targeted.

After reviewing the teaching materials and related materials 2-3 times, candidates should be targeted according to the characteristics of the test questions over the years. Targeted contact can not only check the effect of your own review, find your own shortcomings for improvement, but also consolidate the knowledge you have learned to make it organized and systematic; you can also increase actual combat experience and go to the test room. You will feel relaxed and free to play. Targeted contact, the best way is to simulate the test, not only to do real questions over the years, but also to do simulated test similar to the test questions, and then scored to summarize the gains and losses.

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