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Freshman founded a shopping platform to sell snacks online to him

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Freshman Li Zhijing launches shopping platform to provide convenience for college students

Li Zhijing is sorting out snacks.

News Network, June 25. Li Zhijing, 20, is a freshman in automotive application technology of Shandong Jiaotong Vocational College. In May of this year, he participated in the "Eagle Plan" entrepreneurship training camp organized by the school, and gave birth to autonomy. The idea of starting a business and launching an online snack shopping platform was supported by two companies. On June 24, the reporter met Li Zhijing and listened to him tell a story about entrepreneurship.

Sell up to 300 yuan a night

At 10 am on the 24th, the reporter saw 20-year-old Li Zhijing at Shandong Jiaotong Vocational College. He was sorting out snacks. The reporter saw that the snacks he sold included instant noodles, ham sausage, bread, drinks, potato chips, etc., just like a small supermarket.

"Now there are two ways for my classmates to spend here. One is to buy from home, and the other is to order through WeChat, phone, and SMS. If you buy over 5 yuan at a time, I will deliver it to your door." Li Zhijing said this year In May, he participated in the first “Eagle Plan” entrepreneurship training camp held by the school. During the training period, he had the idea of self-employment. His “small supermarket” started business in May this year. Currently, the scope of delivery is only Limited to the dormitory where he lives.

"The most night I can sell more than 300 yuan." Li Zhijing told reporters.

Li Zhijing germinated the idea of establishing Zhaiqu Food Co., Ltd., an online snack shopping platform for college students who are entrepreneurs, and provides shopping convenience for college students who like to live in dormitories or Internet cafes. "I plan to set up a sales agency in each dormitory building to deliver snacks to customers as soon as possible, and use direct supply from manufacturers to minimize intermediate links." Li Zhijing said.

Agents have been set up in five universities in our city

On May 24th, Li Zhijing ushered in the assessment of the class completion of the entrepreneurial training camp. At the performance, he reported his plan. After that, an investor from a company quickly found him and expressed his willingness to invest 200,000 yuan in equipment to support the project and help him make the project bigger.

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