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Establishment of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance

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The newspaper (Reporter Chen Bin) The "China University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Alliance" inaugural meeting was recently held at the university, marking the first batch of "China University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education" composed of 137 domestic universities and 50 enterprises and institutions, and social groups. The Alliance was officially launched.

On April 15 this year, the university issued a book establishing the "China University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Alliance", calling on all fraternal universities and society to jointly lead the development of innovation and entrepreneurship education in China, explore models and methods of innovation and entrepreneurship education, and standardize innovation and entrepreneurship education Quality assurance, innovative and entrepreneurial talent training system, collaborative sharing of educational resources and innovative and entrepreneurial supportive resources. After the issue, it has received positive responses from many domestic universities and related enterprises and institutions.

It is reported that, under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, the "China University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Alliance" will work with all units to discuss the methods, institutions and mechanisms for innovation and entrepreneurship education, and solidly promote the diversified and multi-level innovation and entrepreneurship education cooperation of universities across the country to achieve Resource sharing, coordinated development, and joint improvement, jointly lead China's innovation and entrepreneurship education, accelerate the cultivation of a large-scale, innovative, entrepreneurial talents who are brave enough to put into practice, and continuously increase the contribution of higher education to the stable growth and adjustment of the structure to benefit the people's livelihood To contribute to the construction of an innovative country, the realization of the "two hundred years" goal and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

At the inaugural meeting, leaders and teachers and students from the Ministry of Education, universities, universities, Zhejiang University and other universities spoke separately, congratulated the establishment of the alliance, and put forward the work and development of the alliance.

After the founding conference, the first National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Forum was held. Experts in innovation and entrepreneurship education from universities, universities, Zhejiang University, Central South University, Dalian University of Technology, and Shenzhen Firewood Maker Space, focused on their own research and practice, and shared and discussed the latest developments in innovation and entrepreneurship education with the guests.

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