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State Council Deploys "Internet Plus" Initiative

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On the 24th, Premier Li Keqiang hosted an executive meeting of the State Council to deploy and promote the "Internet +" action and promote the formation of new momentum for economic development. The meeting held that promoting the deep integration of the Internet with various industries is of great significance to promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and accelerating the formation of new kinetic energy for economic development. According to the requirements of the "Work Report", the meeting adopted the "Internet +" Action Guidance Opinions (referred to as "Opinions"), clearly promoting the "Internet +", promoting entrepreneurial innovation, collaborative manufacturing, modern agriculture, smart energy, inclusive finance, Public service, efficient logistics, e-commerce, convenient transportation, green ecology, artificial intelligence and other key areas that can form new industrial models for development goals and tasks.

The Opinions also identified relevant support measures, including: first, cleaning up irrational institutional policies that hinder the development of "Internet +", relaxing market access for converged products and services, promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship, and giving industry a broad space for integrated development; The second is to implement new hardware projects that support the "Internet +", strengthen the construction of a new generation of information infrastructure, accelerate the research and development of core chips, high-end servers and other applications such as cloud computing and big data; the third is to build an "Internet +" sharing platform and strengthen Public services, conducting government data and other public data pilots, and encouraging national innovation platforms to go online to enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises; Fourth, to adapt to the characteristics of the "Internet +", increase departmental procurement of cloud computing services, innovate credit products and services, and develop equity Preparation of pilot projects to support the listing of Internet companies; Fifth, focus on security standards, strengthen risk monitoring, improve market supervision and social management, ensure network and information security, and fair competition. Use "Internet +" to help the economy maintain mid- to high-speed growth and move towards mid- to high-end levels.

A number of Internet industry experts and business people have told the "Economic Reference" reporter that the State Council's deployment and promotion of the "Internet +" action means that the relevant strategy will enter the actual implementation stage, which is expected to foster a new economy while promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. growth point. The "Internet +" Action Guiding Opinions will become a guiding document and a future action line map for the development of "Internet +" in China.

Lin Nianxiu, deputy director of the Development and Reform Commission, said that to promote "Internet +", we should use the advantages of the Internet to accelerate the promotion and transformation of traditional industries and improve quality and efficiency, and at the same time foster new business formats and new growth points through integrated development. On the one hand, it is focusing on making good stocks, promoting traditional industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, logistics, and energy, and combining them with the Internet industry to complete the transformation and upgrading. New industries, including productive services and living services.

"'Internet +' means the integration of the innovative effects of the Internet in various fields, and it has an important role in promoting economic transformation and upgrading, protecting people's livelihood, and changing functions." Information industry expert and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, He Hexuan said, mobile Internet, cloud computing At the same time that technologies such as big data and big data are being used to broaden the Internet, their influence is penetrating from the initial consumer end to the industrial and public service sectors. In the future, China's economic transformation and upgrading will be further promoted.

In addition, the meeting also decided to reduce the work injury and maternity insurance rates and further reduce the burden on enterprises; determine the establishment of a China Insurance Investment Fund to better serve the real economy with financial innovation; and adopt the Amendment (Draft) of the Commercial Bank of China Law.

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